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10 Kids Activities Using Materials In Nature – Mud, Stick, Rock, …

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Do your kids like to play outside? I saw many fun play ideas using nature materials, like mud, sand, sticks, rocks, … I really like how these ideas incorporated learning into the play, so kids not only have fun playing, but also learning. I love that so many subjects can be incorporated into the play, science, art, language, math, not to mention sensory. Read on and let me know which idea do you like the best.

10 Kids Activities Using Materials in Nature – Mud, Stick, Rock, Sand, Leaf, …

Kids Activity using Nature materials

Make shell letters and learn alphabet

Create leaf creatures to discover the beauty of nature

Make a nature night light with leaves to stay close to nature even during sleep hours

Create a tide pool box to learn about tide

Create a mobile mud kitchen for pretend play

How about nature treasure hunt mandala

and cooking with solar power

Start a rock collection and learn about different rocks

Backyard bingo sounds like a lot fun

and kids will love a construction small world made of rocks and mud

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For more nature play ideas, please visit 100+ Natural Science Activities for Kids.
natural science for kids
Want to learn more about nature? Check out this app from PBS and Random House that has 4 Nature Science Apps in One.
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    Thanks for featuring our construction site small world!

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