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2 Simple Tips to Help Kids Organize School and Home Responsibilites

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How are your kids with homeworks and school projects? How about the responsibility they have at home? such as cleaning their rooms, put away toys? Do they always remember putting away the school bags? or just drop the bag anywhere? Today’s kids have a lot responsibilities, homework, school project, reading list, spelling list, papers need be signed, books need be returned to the library, not to mention soccer practice, game schedule, snack schedule, … How to keep track of all these? And more importantly, how can we help kids learn to keep track of their own life responsibilities? This is an important life skill for kids. After reading several articles on this topic, I summarized many good suggestions into 2 simple tips that you can do to help kids to form a good habit of stay organized. I tried myself, if you can stick with these two tips, kids’ good habit will follow.

How to help kids organize school and home responsibilities

Kids forget homework for school? Have toys all over the room? These are 2 simple things parents can do to have kids organize school and home responsibilities themselves and stay organized - very practical and helpful parenting tips
1. Have a designated spot for every thing.

Papers need parent’s signature, backpack, sports gear, lunch bag,  … Teach kids to put everything at the designated place. Here are some great examples:  school paper works, various command centersschool bags, even kids art works.

The tricks: 1) be consistent. This means every thing must go to its spot all the time, no exceptions; 2) kids are the ones doing it, not parents. Kids must place each of their items at the spot themselves. If they misplace something, have them put it at the right spot before they move on to the next activity.

2. Break down responsibilities into small tasks and have an easy to follow list of tasks.

Some good examples: lists of responsibilities in the morning, after school, and before bed; a visual chart showing kids’ responsibilities for more than one kids.

The tricks: 1) have a list for each child; 2) Have a short list that kids can comprehend; 3) only list things kids can actually perform.

Stick with these 2 tips, and your kids will be on their way organizing their own responsibilities.

Looking for tools helping kids organize their homework? Check out 6 Best Apps Helping Kids Stay Organized.
best apps to help students get organized

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  • Sarah Harris

    I am going to frame “FLUSH” and hang it above our toilet. I don’t know why I never thought of it before but seeing your list makes me realize at least that it’s not just our house. Sage advice overall!

    • Oh we had that too, and it took a long time to form the habit. 🙂

  • Vinny

    I was just reading a post of mine tonight from sep 2012, where i nominated you for an award. I clicked through to see what you’ve been up to since I last read your posts and discovered you are no longer with wordpress. But a google search turned you up, where I see you are still going gang-busters – congrats!

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