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Apps to Help Students Get Organized

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Do you kids forget homework? Are they late for turning in projects? Organization skills are very important study skills for kids to be successful in school, and they also carry over to kids’ adult life. It is helpful to have some effective organization tools while teaching kids organization skills. Today we share the best apps to help students get organized.

Best Apps to Help Students Get Organized

One of the best study tips for middle school and high school students: use homework organization tools. These apps help kids get organized with school work, such as homework, projects, exams, grades, … |learning skill tools | elementary school |  middle school | high school | college.
myHomework: tracks students’ class, homework, projects; it also sends reminders. The schedule structure is very flexible, no matter what kind of schedule a student has, weekly, block schedule, … the app can accommodate. The color coding is also helpful. The free version has ads at the bottom. If a teacher uses the app, students can connect to the teachers account to receive homework. It’s available for iOS, Android, Window devices. It also has web application. Users can sync their account across all platforms.

iHomework: it has similar functions as MyHomework. Additionally, it also tracks grades and calculates final grade based on tests and homework grades. iHomework is only available on iOS devices and Mac computer.

iStudiez Pro: also has similar functions as the last two apps, keeping track of schedule, homework, projects, and grades. It is available for iOS and also available for Mac and Windows computer. Users can sync account among different devices. There is also a lite version for anyone who is interested in trying the app.

Evernote: is a note app, but more. Users can keep their notes in all forms, written, audio, video, … Kids can also take the findings on websites and save it in their Evernote account. It is a great tool to organize everything needed for a project. Kids can also set timelines for projects. It is available on almost all platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PC. Most people will be ok just with the free app.

Dropbox and Box, both are file storage app that is available on mobile devices and computers. Users can sync account between different platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and computers. Dropbox offers 2GB storage space for free, and Box offers 10GB for free.

Need some tips on helping kids stay organized? Check out these 2 simple tips that really worked for me in helping kids form good organization habit.
tips for kids stay organized
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    I love Evernote.

  • Jonathan Harris

    I use this app and find it very useful and helpful.

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