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20 STEM Activities Every Child Must Try

20 STEM Activities Every Child Must Try post image

Today we share 20 STEM activities every child should try. Some are classic, some are creative, all are fun and definitely must do activities. Many are quite simple to do with little preparation needed. Enjoy the fun.

20 STEM Activities Every Child Should Try

Must try STEM activities this Fall season for kids, science tech engineering math
Preserve leaves: leaves are all over the place in the fall, with beautiful colors too. Don’t you want to keep them all? Preserving leaves is a scientific process and this post teaches you how step-by-step, even young children can do it. It is fun to create a beautiful leaf craft and learn science at the same time. This makes it a true STEAM project.

Make Halloween slime: slime is fun to play and easy to make. Do you know there are a lot science invovled in the process? Depending on the recipe you choose, each recipe has its own chemistry and physics explanation. How to make the best slime? That is another science class by itself. There are so many ways to incorporate Halloween theme into the slime making: creepy colors, fall colors, spider slime, … Which one do you want to try first?

Try 9 science experiments with pumpkins: pumpkins are a must have in the fall. But they are not just for calving. Have you tried any science experiments with pumpkins? They are amazing. Kids will love them!

Do some spider math: talking about STEM, we can’t skip math. These spider math will set your kids into Halloween spirit while they figuring out additions and subtraction. It is all hands-on!

Make a leaf mandala: this a fun outdoor project combining science and math and team working skills. In the post, you will find a lot details on the design of the process to encourage team work. Additionally, you can talk about sundial, how sun moves, how to read time on a clock. Of course, you can also build in some design elements into the project, which can easily leads to engineering design process.

Create electric circuit with play dough: I don’t know play dough can conduct electricity, do you? Make some play dough pumpkins and connect them. Add LED light to watch them light up. Simply amazing! Science and Engineering to the finest.

Play 5 math games with LEGO: we build with LEGO. But have you tried learning math with LEGO. It is great for kinetic learners and LEGO lovers. If you have never tried, tihs fall is a good time to start. Love creative teaching ideas!

Simulate digestion process to learn digestive system: it might be a little disgusting for some, but it is definitely fun to watch food being “digested”. Want to know what is going on in your stomach? While you can step into your stomach to watch inside it, you can watch the same process in a plastic bag. Try at least once, so you get a conceptual understanding how body works.

All activities are fun, which one are you going to do first?

Like more STEM activities? Definitely try 9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids.
pumpkin science activities
science activities for kids to do in the fall

20 STEM activities every child must try, math, science, engineer, technology
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  • TechyKids Canada

    STEM activities like these are perfect for making learning fun for kids, It can help them to develop many life essential skills. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • Kiara

    These look fun I want to try some of these myself

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