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6 Fun Fine Motor Skill Practice Ideas

Mom’s Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library! Fine motor skills are important in children’s development. They are essential to many self-care activities, such as feeding and dressing. They are also important building stones for communication skills in young children. Writing a name or message, manipulating a computer mouse, and typing on the keyboard, all require fine motor skills. Today I am featuring 6 sets of fun fine motor activities that your kids will love.

6 Fun Fine Motor Skill Practice Ideas

6 fun fine motor practice ideasDo you kids like any animals? Bury animal food and supplies in the play dough, your kids can start a food search for the beloved animals, using all the tiny tools they can find, and fingers of course! Once the animals are fed, zoo keepers can fix the fence use clothespins… Sound interesting? Read more at zoo themed fine motor exercises.

After working at the zoo, you might want to try being a mother bird searching for worms to feed the chicks in the nest. This time the clothespins with feathers will be the mother birds, what are going to be worms? Find out at Pincer Fine Motor Skill Practice.

If clothespin is an interesting tool to your kids, here is another fine motor activity using clothespin – Fine Motor Color Match. Kids not only practice fine motor skills, but also learn about colors.

While Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, a heart themed fine motor activity sure will spark interest.

Have pom poms at home? Try this pom poms scooping play idea. Kids will learn numbers, colors, measurement, as well as gain fine motor skills.

Among all the fine motor activities, this caught me being most surprised. I have never thought about using foil and toy for fine motor practice. Have you? You should really check it out. It is Christmas gifts in foil!

Looking for fine motor exercise on iPad? Please visit Practice Fine Motor Skills on iPAD. Kidori Maze

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  • Thanks for hosting this link up – I love getting to see all these ideas! I have a 2 1/2 year old and almost 1 1/2 year old so I am always on the search for new ideas.

    • I love those ideas shared at Mom’s Library. We have so many creative moms with wonderful ideas.

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