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Winter Olympics Learning Resources for Kids

Winter Olympics for Children

Have you been watching Winter Olympics? We are. Watching sport events together offers opportunities for families to talk about a lot interesting subjects that are way beyond sports.  Subjects like Olympic history, inspirations, hard works, team spirit, success and failures, even cultural and customs.

Winter Olympics Learning Resources for Kids

If you are looking for talking topics and things to do with kids around Winter Olympics, I hope you will find the books and entertainments I listed here are helpful. Winter Olympic Learning Resources for Kids

1. If you click on the titles of the books and movies, you will be able to find more information about each of them, as well as download link. They are affiliated links, meaning iGameMom will get a small percentage rebate if you purchase with the link. The cost to you is the same no matter you use our link or not.
2. All books are Kindle books. You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can read Kindle books on any digital devices with the free Kindle app: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, PC, Mac. For more detailed instructions, please visit How to Read Kindle Books without a Kindle
3. All movies or TV shows are available on Netflix. Just like Kindle books, you can watch Netflix movies on any devices with the free Netflix app. For more instructions, please read Free App: Netflix Kids Movie Selections.

While watching the Olympic games, it might be a good idea to introduce to kids the history of the Olympics. Magic Tree House series has a book just about that: Hours of Olympics. In this story, kids will take an adventure to ancient Greece to witness the very first Olympic Games.

The companion book Ancient Greece and the Olympics have many interesting facts about Olympics, such as what did ancient Greeks wear? Where were the first Olympics held?

For winter Olympic specific information, you should check out The Winter Olympics. Kids will love the gorgeous pictures and fascinating facts. How did the winter Olympics started?  Who are the most famous athletes of the winter games? You will find the answers in the book.

Besides learning about Olympics, this is also a good time to talk about motivation and hard work. The stories of famous athletes are the best to drive these concepts home.

Wilma Rudolph: Olympic Runner tells the story of the first American female athlete who won 3 gold medals at a single Olympic game. Do you know she had to overcome her childhood illness to become athlete?

Hope Solo: My Story gives kids behind the scene story of the Olympic gold medalist’s life. The stories of how she ran against the adversity and became the great athlete she is today.

A Mile in His Shoe is a touching movie about a minor league baseball team becomes a winning team after a new special boy joined the team.

The Mighty Macs is a heartwarming movie based on true events, telling the story of a basketball coach leading her team to be the national champion while running against all odds.

Do you find any of these books or movies interesting?

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  • Ruby

    My daughter (3rd grade) and I just read the book tegother. It was wonderful for both of us. We will check out the others too.

  • My son is all about the Olympics this year! I will have him check a few of this out!

  • What a fun lineup of resources for kids to learn about the Olympics… I bet some adults could learn a thing or two from some of the books too 🙂

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