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6 Science and Math Games for Preschool Kids

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Welcome to Mom’s Library! Today we are featuring 5 Science and Math Games for Preschool kids. I believe kids should start science and math early in their life. Many concepts are simple that even toddles and preschool kids can understand. Of course, we need do it right, so kids not only understand the concepts, but also have fun learning the concepts.

6 Science and Math Games for Preschool Kids

6 science and math games for preschool kids
Today’s features are all easy and fun activities for preschool kids.

Let’s start with preschool math game of mega block puzzles. Kids will learn numbers, and practice fine motor skills.

This Penguin Hop Counting Game not only helps kids learn numbers and counting, but also is a sensory play.

These 2 winter science experiments teach kids the concept of temperature and the status of water.

Love this home made marble run game , kids will learn so much while watching the marble running through the tunnels.

This color spray experiment is science, and art. I am sure kids will all love doing it.

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    Thanks for sharing our 2 science experiments!

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