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drawnimal app

On screen art creation and off screen art creation are different. I have found that many great apps offer great art activities. They use features that are available with the new technology, provide unique perspectives that are otherwise impossible to share. But we should not limit the art on the screen. Whenever possible I like to bring the on screen art off screen. Here are 10 art apps for kids that easily be used off screen for creative activities. Click… Read More

shape the village

Shape the village is fun shape learning app. It does a terrific job of introducing and then reinforcing shapes to your child. The set is a cute and colorful village of land, sky and sea full of characters made out of very simple shapes. The use of nothing but squares, circles, triangles and rectangles allows a child to see how almost anything can be put together by combining basic shapes. It also makes the characters extra adorable and fun to interact… Read More

colAR Mix App

Great news for kids (and grown ups) who like coloring pages, or actually for those who don’t like coloring pages – what you are going to try today will change your thought about coloring page completely – all by this FREE app that will bring your coloring page to life in 3D! Before I told my son about the app, I printed out a coloring page on the app’s website.  I then asked my son if he could color the… Read More

Off Screen with App: 8 Apps for Kids Screen Free Activities post image

When people think about apps, they usually think they are for screen activities. In fact, many apps are used for screen free activities. Today we share some fun apps designed for kids to have screen free activities. All are educational activities too. These are great tools to break kids from screen and have them start moving. These can be used for the yearly Screen Free week, as well as any week of the year! Fetch Lunch Rush:  Kids take lunch… Read More