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Off Screen with App: 8 Apps for Kids Screen Free Activities

Off Screen with App: 8 Apps for Kids Screen Free Activities post image

When people think about apps, they usually think they are for screen activities. In fact, many apps are used for screen free activities. Today we share some fun apps designed for kids to have screen free activities. All are educational activities too. These are great tools to break kids from screen and have them start moving. These can be used for the yearly Screen Free week, as well as any week of the year!

Apps Encouraging Kids Screen Free Activities

apps kids screen free activities
Fetch Lunch Rush:  Kids take lunch order and figure out how many orders they have to deliver to each customer.  The neat thing is how they deliver the orders.  They have to search for the piece of paper that has the right number, scan the number with iPhone, and the correct number of orders will show up on the screen.  It is a math scavenger hunt game.

LEGO Movie Maker: a free app from LEGO letting kids to create motion pictures with ease. Kids don’t have to limited the items to LEGO, they can use any thing for their movie making.

Big cat race: Kids run against the big cat of his/her choice: Lion, Leopard, or Cheetah.  With the phone attached to his/her body, the app will tell the child if he/she runs fasters or slower than the competitor – the big cat of his/her choice.  It is a great game to play outdoor.

Peterson Feeder Bird of NA and Audubon Birds: both are bird guides.  Each app offers bird guide with pictures, audios of birds singing, and facts about each bird.  Each app has search functions to help the users identify and learn about the birds they see. Great apps for hiking trips.

Guided Play: offers over 70 play ideas that purposefully incorporate early learning into the play with babies and toddlers.  It offers some simple ideas that can bring out significantly different results.  When playing with maracas, you can shake low, shake high, shake like a lion, or shake like a princess.  Stimulus like these will lay stronger foundations in communication, counting and knowledge of the world.

Star gazing apps: there are many star gazing apps.  I have reviewed SkyView and Star Walk.  They will show you the stars you see in the sky from your location.  Once the star you saw in the sky shows up on the screen, with a single tap, you can bring up all the facts about the stars you are interested in. A great tool to have when going outside at night.

Hope these are helpful. 

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