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Winter Olympics for Children

Have you been watching Winter Olympics? We are. Watching sport events together offers opportunities for families to talk about a lot interesting subjects that are way beyond sports.  Subjects like Olympic history, inspirations, hard works, team spirit, success and failures, even cultural and customs. If you are looking for talking topics and things to do with kids around Winter Olympics, I hope you will find the books and entertainments I listed here are helpful. Note: 1. If you click on… Read More


Today I want to introduce a website to everyone – AplusClick.  It is not an app, but a website.   However, it is a website that fully functions on iDevices.  I found many cool kids learning game sites, but most of those sites don’t function on iPAD.  I am so glad this one does, and I like it a lot.  To use a website like an app on your iPhone or iPAD, you can quickly create an app-like icon on… Read More