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Walking with dinosaures

How often do you let your kids see a movie or TV show? What movies and shows do you like to watch together? There are many educational movies for kids. We particularly like to watch documentaries. Kids can learn so much from them. One great source of documentary movies and TV shows is Netflix. You can find many great movies for kids of all ages. At the bottom of this post, I listed some of the titles I like. What is good about… Read More

Positive Digital Profile

A while ago, we posted an article about cyber safety for kids. Internet and social media are becoming part of our life, teaching children how to avoid negative influence is important, however, it is more important to help kids build a positive digital environment for themselves, and leverage the power of positive digital profiles to gain advantage to colleges and employments. Today we have a guest sharing tips on helping kids build positive digital profiles. Tiffany Sunday is a strategist, entrepreneur… Read More

Travels with Charlie

Are you planning a family vacation or a family travel soon? Travel with kids is fun, but tiring sometime. In addition to fun, travel is a great learning experience for kids. They will see things they don’t usually see in their everyday life, have different daily routine, meet different people, eat different food, … Mostly, kids are excited about travel. It is a great opportunity to mix some learning into the excitement. What can parents do to make the travel… Read More


A while ago I reviewed a kids reading program Bookboard. It received great response: a large number of visits to the article and Bookboard membership sign up. In trying to understand why Bookboard got so popular, I put together some of my thoughts on kids eBook features.  I am sharing here as a starting point for discussion. The intent is not to make it a comprehensive list of features, but some points for thought, so please share your thoughts in the comment. The… Read More

Tips for parents

Video games are addictive. Once kids get started, it is hard to ask them to stop. More and more parents are concerned about kids' screen time. What is the best way to limit the screen time or get kids off screen? Do you force a hard stop? or do you give a warning? Are they happy to stop? Can you do it without kids complaining? Here are 10 ways I tried to move my child from games to some off screen activities. I found the key to a… Read More

Book Love

I have been following Melissa Taylor's ImaginationSoup for a long time.  She has tons of creative ideas in getting kids to read.  Now she condensed all her experience and knowledge on helping kids read into this wonderful book Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader.  It is a Kindle book, but you don't need Kindle device to read Kindle books.  You can read Kindle book on almost any device: iPhone, iPAD, Android phone and tablets, or… Read More

How to Manage In-App Purchase? post image

While looking at the App store Top Grossing list, I was quite surprised to see Dragon Vale was at the top as #1.  I was surprised because Dragon Vale is a free app.  In fact the top 5 grossing apps are all free apps.  How can they make money?  Obviously, these free apps get money through In-App Purchase.  This sends a strong message to all app buyers, especially all the parents: free apps are NOT free, be aware of the In-App… Read More