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How to Choose eBooks for Kids?


A while ago I reviewed a kids reading program Bookboard. It received great response: a large number of visits to the article and Bookboard membership sign up. In trying to understand why Bookboard got so popular, I put together some of my thoughts on kids eBook features.  I am sharing here as a starting point for discussion. The intent is not to make it a comprehensive list of features, but some points for thought, so please share your thoughts in the comment.

The first thing come to mind is features to drive kids to read more.

Most commonly used features for kids eBooks are interactive features.  However, interactivity could be good, or bad. It depends on if they make kids want to stay on the book content longer or not.  If kids end up in the interactive activities, thus less time on the book content, the features are not good in helping kids reading. On the other hand, if the interactive features help kid read more, then they are good features.How to choose ebooks for kids

With this said, is interactivity the only feature that can attract kids into books?  Bookboard gives a good example of features beyond interactivity.  It rewards kids with more books.  How could that be possible?  We all know kids are engrossed in video games easily. Once they start, it is hard for them to stop.  The psychology of the gaming system is to make the players think they can do better next time, after each try, with a score constantly showing the progress.  The same for the slot machines. Bookboard cleverly utilized the same psychology on book reading. They show a reading progress bar on each book, and telling kids they can unlock more books after reading x number of books. Every time when kids turn a page, they see the bar gets longer, and every time kids finish a book, they see the reminder of “read x more books to unlock xx books”. This is a genius use of the gaming psychology onto reading. Does it work? Try it out for yourself. sign up a free membership is easy.

The next come to mind is Features that make parents job easier – in selecting books for kids, monitoring reading progress, to name a few.

Majority parents want their kids be good readers and love reading, and they want to help their kids whenever they can. But after working all day, cooking, shopping, laundry, we have little time left helping kids. Even when we have time, with so many kids books available, it is hard to know what are the best for MY kids. Have you ever felt lost in the library or the book store?  I have. Most times, we end up randomly picking some books, some turned out good, some not.

What are helpful for parents? A reading system that automatically recommends books that are at my child’s level, of his interest. Does this sound too good to be true? This is what you get from Bookboard.  Although Bookboard houses hundreds of books, you will never feel overwhelmed. The recommending system, built with real-life librarian, recommends books for your child based on his reading level and interest. The child will see only several books at a time. It is like a personal librarian at your finger tip. If ever you as a parent want to get involved in the book choice, you can get “behind the scene”, manually unlock some books for your child. Parent also receive regular email reports on books kids read and books unlocked for them.  Can’t believe it is true? Me neither, till I signed up the free membership.

I think I found what is ideal for me – a book system that makes kids interested in reading more, recommends the right books for kids, and helps parents keep track kids progress. If you are like me and so many other parents, you will like Bookboard too. To learn more, visit Free app: access hundreds of childrens books via bookboard. Yes, with the free membership, you can access all their books for free – and that is hundreds of books. To have a free membership, visit their sign up page.

What are the eBook features you like to have?

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

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