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Conquer Challenging Language concepts with Language Empires!

Language Empires App

Language empires is another great language learning resource from Smarty ears apps.  It has the feel of a civilization type computer game for students and in depth data tracking for parents and teachers. All Apps by Smarty ears are produced by certified Speech and language pathologists and teachers.

Eight civilizations are waiting to help kids master 8 different language concepts and earn rewards.  Journey to Ancient Rome to practice ‘How questions’ and then move to Ancient Egypt for ‘figurative language’.  6 more empires to explore host multiple choice problems for why and which questions, inference, vocabulary, predicting  and sequencing. There are 50 questions in each empire, so the total is 400 questions.

Language Empires - comprehensive English language learning appOn opening the app you are greeted by a Roman Centurion who guards the city. A quick play option allows you to enter the game straight away. However, I would recommend visiting the city first and set up an avatar for each student. The support section provides a great video tutorial that shows you how to do this. Up to 5 players can use this app at the same time. Inside the city a map is displayed showing each goal/empire. Drag the students avatar to each empire they will be practicing during the session.

The game is easily customized. Many empires contain multiple levels and you can chose how the questions and feedback for the answers are presented to the player. At the conclusion of each quest the results are available immediately. At any point you can also visit the report section on the app’s home screen to view reports and the trophies earned by each student. The data can shared directly via email or stored as an iBook file.

This app is a win-win. Language Empires offers kids a chance to ‘conquer’ the language concepts they find most challenging. The children I had try it enjoyed watching their trophy collection grow!  As a parent of a 3rd grader I really appreciated the value of having so many language elements practiced  in one app. The multiple levels in each empire also make it easy to customize the game to your child’s ability. The clarity of the report and the amount of data it collects is amazing.  I would highly recommend this app for use with all elementary school aged children whether at home, in a tutoring or class environment.

Language Empires works on iPAD.  It is $24.99 on App Store. It seems expensive compared to most apps for kids, but with how much content it covers and how well it tracks the student progress, it is totally worth it for those who need it.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Language Empires

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Piwi mamaToday’s app is reviewed by JJ (Piwi mama), a proud wife and mama of two girls. The family travel with her hubby’s work so most of her time is spent teaching her kids. In her spare time, JJ blogs about their portable learning and reviews books. You can read about their travels at Learning and Growing the Piwi way

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