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A Geography App Makes Travel Time a Learning Experience

State Bingo and Road Trip US

Travel time is the perfect opportunity to teach kids geography.  While many families are preparing holiday travel, I found this fun geography app that will add some fun to your trip and make those long wait at the airport or riding in the car a lot easier to manage.  Plus, kids will gain a lot new knowledge about US states.  Let’s turn your travel time into fun learning experience with this cool app State Bingo and Road Trip US.

As the name suggested, the app has two games: State Bingo and Road Trip US.  Each game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.

In State Bingo, kids play bingo games and answer state related questions.  The questions include neighboring states, abbreviations, key landmarks, landforms, and more.  If a child gets a bingo, he/she win a state for his/her statehood.  As kids progress to higher levels, the questions get harder and the hints give less information.

In Road Trip US, kids can pick a trip among 5: Eastbound, Westbound, Lewis and Clark Trial, Oregon Trial, Pony Express Trail.  Each trip has its own starting and ending state.  At each step, kids have 3 neighboring states to choose from for the next state to travel to.  But before they can enter the state, they have to answer a question about that state.  Once they have the right answer and move in to that state, they can pick the next state they want enter, …. The process continues till they reach the destination state.  The types of questions in this game are similar to those in State Bingo.

Some key app features that was not mentioned above: State Bingo and Road Trip US App

– Comprehensive data set covering elementary state geography
– Fully illustrated map of the US to help practice map reading skills
– 600+ questions in the game
– Fun animations during game play
– App created in collaboration with teachers and keeping common core standards in mind.
– 3 levels of game play
– Bonus learn key historic trails, state events and dates
– Fun geography learning blended creatively into game play.

iGameMom Comments:

Learning geography could be boring sometime.  There are so many facts kids have to remember!  State Bingo and Road Trip US brings fun into the learning, with the right balance.  The games are there to assist learning, when learning is still the center of the whole activity.  I have seen kid’s apps over-emphasizing on the “fun” part, and kids end up learning little, although they like the games.  State Bingo and Road Trip US gets it right, kids will actually learn a lot, with fun!

It is only available for iPAD.  Just launched recently, it is on sale for $1.99 (from $2.99) on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
State Bingo and Road Trip US - Niyaa LLC

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  • Tea

    Oh, we’re studying the states now. This would really help. I love the colorful graphics and fun games. Great review

  • This would be a great app for my children to learn more about their Great Grandfather who loves Bingo and lives in New Mexico which is not our state. Love to make learning link with family!

    • Knowing how far they are from each other and sharing similar interest will sure bring them closer.

  • Jennifer C

    I’d love to win this to help my homeschooled daughter learn her states. Thanks!

    • I always admire homeschool parents. I simply cannot imagine how you do it – with so many subjects to cover…

  • This is great. Especially in that the teaching of geography, and teaching it well, are going by the proverbial wayside in schools. When an 8th grader last week asked me where New Zealand is located, I was stunned. And, geography IS taught at my school.

    I just might give this app a try myself. 🙂

  • I have never been too big on games on the computer/ipad, but this one looks good. We have a 5 hour drive the day after Christmas, so a couple gaming apps are a good idea!

  • Thanks a lot for the great and detailed review. This is awesome.

  • John

    This is my first visit to your site and it certainly won’t be my last. Very well-written and informative content!

    • Welcome! Hope to see you more and make sure find some good apps for the kids!

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