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Best Educational Apps for Kids – Best PreSchool Math Apps

Top Pre-school Math App

Today’s Best Educational Apps for Kids list is Best Pre-school Math Apps.  I try to include apps addressing the pre-school math from different angles, using different approaches, since each child is different, one app works for this child, may not work for another.  Also young kids have short attention span, so it is a good idea to have several apps addressing the same topics handy, so you can rotate them. Remember to child-proof your iPAD/iPod/iPhone before hand it to your child. For instructions, please visit How to Child Proof iPAD.  For younger kids, you also want to consider a child-proof device case.  For information, visit How to Choose Baby-Friendly iPAD Cases.

Best Preschool Math Apps – A Best Educational App List from iGameMom

Best Preschool Math Apps from iGameMom

TeachMe ($1.99 for each age level): comprehensive learning apps.  There is a separate app for Toddler, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.  Each app covers the key academic skills kids need learn at the corresponding age level.  For math, the Toddler app covers number recognizations and counting, the kindergardent app covers addition and subtraction within 10.

Fetch Lunch Rush (Free): from the PBS Kids show Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, it is a very active game.  Kids do math, and they have to walk around to hunt for the answers!  The math problems are single digit additions and subtractions.  With augment reality, kids will actually see the correct number of lunch orders drop infront Ruff, the host.  It is a very engaging math game.

Jazzy 123Jazzy 123 ($1.99): a perfect game for kids who are interested in music, or if the parents want the kids have some exposure to music instruments.  Kids count number of different music instruments and listen to the sound of the instrument.  With one app, kids learn math and music instrument at the same time.

i Learn With BoingI Learn with Boing – Savannah adventures ($2.99): there are three games in this app,  each teaches one math concept: counting, ordering numbers, or adding/subtracting within ten or twenty.  With features like self-adjusting levels of difficulty and progress tracker for parents, it is a good tool for parents who wants to stay in the know on what kids are learning.

Bug games ($0.99): one of my early discoveries, and is till among my most favorite games for pre-school kids.  There are 4 games in the app, each address one learning subject, like phohics, spelling, counting, music.  One of the game is on counting within 10.  It also teaches the right sequence of the numbers.  It is a fun game for toddlers

Number Rack (Free): I did not get chance to post the review.  It is a very simple app with endless ways to teach math to young kids.  With 10 lines of beads, and 10 beads on each line, kids can move them along the line to learn counting, addition, subtraction, or even simple multiplication.  A great tool for teachers to use in the classroom too.

If you liked this list, make sure to check out another preschool app list – Best Educational Apps for Kids – Best Preschool Natural and Animal Science Apps. For more top kids app recommendations grouped by Age and Subject, please visit the page Best Educational Apps for Kids.

Best Preschool Nature Animal Science App from iGameMom

What are some math apps your toddlers and pre-schoolers like to use?

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  • Thank you for this resource! I’ll be sharing it next week on Facebook.

  • Siegrid Pregartner

    Thank you for the abacus! I am in the process of making a popsicle stick one but having one on the phone or ipad for the kids while out and about will be very convenient.
    When teaching math I have been trying to use anything but numbers like the ten frames with various toys and beads and the abacus. When we start to do advanced math we will upgrade to the Soroban.
    I am hoping that they will have a better grasp on math than I ever did, I just wish someone taught math to me like this.

    • I like what you are doing. Visuals connecting real life objects with numbers is the foundation of math understanding. Kids have to be able to connect math with something they can see to really understand the meaning of math.

  • This website is really helpful and a great resource.
    Do you think you can make a separate list of apps available for android/nexus etc ? , so we wouldn’t have to be disappointed every time we see ‘this is available only on iPad’.

  • I love it when math is made fun for any age!

    • I can see you love math – how many people can talk about geometry and fashion design at once? (love the quotes on your home pgae).

  • These applications makes learning Math more fun unlike during my time 🙂

  • My son (4 years old) really enjoys “I Learn with Boing.” That is one great educational app. I’ll have to check out the others. Thanks for the post!

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