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App Giveaway: Little Blue Jackal

Little Blue Jackal

iGameMom has 4 copies of Little Blue Jackal to giveaway.  It is a book app teaching kids Spanish.  With the unique three learning level design, it can be used for kids at any Spanish level, from just starting with basic vocabulary to being able to follow stories in simple Spanish.  For more details about the app, please visit HERE.

To win the app, please enter the Rafflecopter below by midnight Dec.2.  The winners will be announced on Dec.3.  NOTE: please enter only if you actually have done the required activity.  I do check each entry.

Please help sharing the Giveaway to others you think might be intereted in the app.

Good Luck.

The winners are out.  Congrats to Erin, Mary, Patricia and Natalie!  Enjoy the app. 

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App Giveaway: 4 Little Blue Jackal

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