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10 Apps Websites for Bird Identification

10 Apps Websites for Bird Identification post image

Do you like birds? I do. I love to listen to birds singing and watch them fly or play around in the park or in the backyard. They add colors and music to our life. They make wherever they are a better place to live. They are so many things we can learn about birds, here are apps and websites for bird identification. Most are for North America, some also have information for the UK. With them, you can identify birds based on the color, the shape of wings, the songs they sing, … They will make your trip to the park more interesting. 

10 Science Apps for Kids to Learn Birds Identification

Apps and websites for bird identification while bird watching, by bird color, bird size, bird songs, bird call. Including birds in North America, Europe. Wonderful interactive and multimedia science tools for kids and adults to learn about backyard birds and wild birds.

Audubon Bird is the bird guide from Audubon. It is also for North America. I like the search feature in this app. It allows you to search with many features, such as size, sound, color. The journal feature makes it easy to keep track of your own bird search journey.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a free app helping users to identify birds. You enter the traits of birds and find the types of birds you are looking for.

iBird Lite is a free app with only about 60 birds. The purpose of the app is to showcase the app features it has. To have the full bird guide, you can get the pro or ultimate version.

eBird is a free app for users to collect bird data while in the field and compare their data to the database to learn about the bird they encountered.

National Geographic Bird is a bird guide website. In addition to bird features, you can also watch bird videos. The search box at the bottom allows you to search for birds you want to learn. They also have a bird site for kids, where kids can look up birds and compare different birds.

iBird Pro has over 900 birds from North America. The search engines of these apps are very powerful with over 37 searchable attributes. With the field mark layer feature, users learn the key ID characteristics to look for in certain species. It also has a separate app for UK.

The Morcombe Steward Guide to Birds is a wonderful guide for those in Australia. I have not personally checked the app, but one of our Australia friends recommend it.

Do you like birds? Do you have a favorite bird app?

Apps and websites helping kids learn bird identification, by bird color, bird size, bird songs, bird call, … Including birds in North America, Europe. Wonderful interactive and multimedia science tools for kids and adults to learn about backyard birds while bird watching.
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  • Jasmine

    For Australia our favourite app is The Michael Morcombe eGuide to the Birds of Australia by Universal App. My kids (8yrs, 4yrs & 4yrs) love finding birds to put on our ‘list’ in this app. They are starting to get good at identifying common birds as well as considering what attributes to remember about one to try and identify it. There is a lite version to try before buying the full app.

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