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Plant Identification Apps

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Nature is the best classroom. There are so much we can learn just being outside in the nature. I am always excited by the idea that we have so many apps that can help us learn while we are out that we don’t have to carry those thick books with us. We recently shared 10 bird identification apps. We also have 10 apps about bugs for kids. Today we share plant identification apps.

Plant Identification Apps

plant identification apps to identify trees, bushes, flowers, house plants by leaves, flowers, tree bark, charts, other features. Great science learning tools on the phones outdoor with kids summer or spring

Leaf Snap: a free app letting users to identify plants from leaves. There is a separate app for US and UK. In addition to leaves, users can also find information on flowers and seeds.

Plant Snap includes over 625000 plants that you can identify and learn. You can get a plant’s name, flower, and other information by using the camera on your phone. For the most updated phones, you can even watch augmented plant videos. The app has a free version with added features via in-app purchases. There is also a pro version.

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PlantNet is another free plant identification app. The database is build based on user submitted information, such as image, but reviews shown that it is pretty accurate in identifying plants. It includes all kinds of plants living in nature: flowering plants, trees, grasses, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads, or cacti.

Plant Lens is capable of identifying 60,000+ plant species and claim an accuracy of 92%. It is also free. In addition to leaves, it also identify flowers.

PictureThis currently has 10,000+ plant species and claim an accuracy of 98%, which is better than most human experts. It uses an artificial intelligence engine based algorithm, therefore, it is constantly improving based on new information it gathered from experts and users. It also has plant care tips and water reminders, which can help users better grow their plants.

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What is That Flower helps users find out flower’s name and other information based on color, habitat and number of petals, etc. Users may still need to compare pictures the app provides with the flowers they are trying to identify, but the app does pretty good job in narrowing down candidates.

Do you any good plant identification apps?

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8 plant identification apps that will make your walk in the park or anywhere with trees, bushes, flowers more interesting. You can identify plants by leaves, flowers, tree bark, and many other features. Great learning tools to have on your phone or other mobile devices while outside with kids.

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  • Simblissity Jenn

    I had no idea these were available! We moved to the country back in October and I am fascinated with the idea of foraging, but terrified of picking up something poisonous. I’ve checked out a lot of books on the subject, but just when I feel like a little confident that I understand the full description and can identify the plant being identified, there is a little box at the bottom of the page that will say, “But watch out for the look-alike XYZ plant, which is deadly poisonous.” LOL – no confidence! I will definitely be looking into these apps to help me!

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