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Continue the Olympics Spirit with Zoo Champ

Zoo Champ

The Olympics have come to a close.  However, with the app Zoo Champ, you can keep the Olympics spirit going.

Zoo Champ helps kids aged 4 to 8 learn about all the various sports, wrestling, archery, sailboat, gymnastics, etc., with a dream team of the best animals like hippos and lions.

From the cover page, kids can pick which sport they want to learn.  When the children are on the sport’s page, they will learn the discipline and fun facts about the sport.  Can a sailboat go faster than the wind? Can hippos swim? Where does the name for soccer come from? Can the world`s fastest person outrun an ostrich? Each page has animations, fun sound effects, and texts with clear narration.  A tap on the page leads to a section of in depth facts and quizzes.  The answers to the quizzes can be revealed when rubbing the answer area.

App Features from the App Store:

* More than 30 pages with animations, interactivity, and sound effectsZoo Champ App
* Quality hand-drawn illustrations
* Simple but informative texts about every sport, from archery to wrestling
* Fully voiced for ages 4+ with the option to turn the volume off
* Every sport has an “in depth” reading-only section with amazing facts and Q&As
* Easy navigation: sports are arranged alphabetically, and there is a fully voiced navigation page
* Supports the new retina display

To learn more about the app, here is a video on YouTube: Zoo Champ Official Trailer

iGameMom Comments:

This is an app that fuels kids’ curiosity and interest in different sports.  Each of us knows some, but not all the sports.  This app serves as a great tool that expose kids to the sports the parents are not familiar with.  The designs of the app, from the art to animation, from narration to voice, are all at the kid’s level.

It only works on iPAD.  It is $0.99 at the App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the  App Store button provided below.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: The button works for all countries.
Zoo Champs - sports guide for kids - Bookva Press

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  • Awesome posts! There is an app I use for android from Zoodles called Kid Mode. I love it. Maybe you can check it out! It’s free!

    • Thanks for recommending the app. From my 5-minute review, it is pretty good app for kids. Assuming it requires wifi?

  • I’ve just texted my daughter aboutn your site as she is a psychologist and maybe they could use these with some of their clients. Thanks

    • Thank you! I have not thought about this – will you ask her to share some experience if she uses any apps? It will be interesting to know from a psychologist’s pooint of view.

  • I love the Olympics, and this looks like fun!!

    • I only wish I found it a little earlier – but still not too late. It is good app – at any time 🙂

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