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App Went FREE: Cartoon ABC


Here is another FREE app today – Cartoon ABC.  It is a set of ABC flash cards, with animation and sound.  It is a fun way to learn the letters.

Introduction at App Store:

The ABC is presented through a set of beautiful flash cards. Tap images and blinking areas to see the spelling of the words and to hear the pronunciation. Cartoon ABC is highly interactive. Every time young explorers tap a letter or an object they can see a cute animated video. This game-like learning encourages kids to explore more and to learn by playing.

App Features:
Interactive mode of learning ABC
Teaches ABC, phonics, word recognition, vocabulary
100+ interactive characters
Animation and interaction on every page
Develops memory and motor skillsCartoon ABC App
Encourage curiosity and imagination
Original art and sounds
Kids’ progress area
Children’s privacy protection

-interactive mode of learning;
-100+ amusing animations;
-pleasant melodies;
-child-friendly colorful graphics;
-cute characters with sound accompaniment;
-a new instrumental version of their favorite ABC chant;

-kids’ fine motor skills develop as they tap the letters and images;
-children’s memory improves when kids revise letters;
-attention span increases as a child stays concentrated on the task;
-kids also learn to associate the way the letters and words are pronounced with the way they get written;

-Parents Area specially designed to monitor children’s progress;
-A variety of melodies in the app (forget about a constantly recurring tune that sounds like a stuck record!);
-Graphics quality;
-An independent way a child can use the app;
-The way we care about children’s privacy: we don’t have any ads or integration with social networks;

Cartoon ABC is an alphabet every kid and parent will enjoy!

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the  App Store button provided below.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: The button works for all countries.
Cartoon ABC - Kids Academy Company

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