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FREE App: Piano Summer Games – Join the Olympic Fun with Music


Everyone seems is watching the summer Olympics.  Here is a FREE app that can add some music fun to the sports.  Piano Summer Games by JoyTunes is a free iPad app that provides directions and feedback for playing the national anthems of forty countries on pianos.  Kids can play on a virtual keyboard on the iPad, or on a real piano – no wires or adapters needed, the app just listens to your piano. Kids can practice first.  When they feel they have practiced enough, they can compete with other JoyTunes users by earning points for playing the anthems correctly.

Features from the App Store:

✔ A world wide “piano olympics” – practice and learn songs, then compete with people from other countries for a place on the podium!
✔ A national anthems theme – learn to play almost every national anthem from all over the world.Piano Summer Games App
✔ Live press feed on competitions and winners. Can you make it to the press?
✔ Clash of the countries – a real time medal rank. Help your country get to the top!
✔ Works with a real piano/keyboard – use your own real musical instrument to play!!!
✔ Virtual piano has real-size 3D keys (iPad version only)
✔ Works on musical skills – learn note names, rhythm, playing songs, and more
✔ Special mode for practicing sheet music notation (“Archery”)
✔ Rich and high quality accompaniment concert music
✔ Automated download of new songs!

iGameMom Comments:

It is a good music app teaching keyboard music and music notes.  It can be a good tool for kids to learn playing national anthems on piano.   It works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is free at App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the  App Store button provided below.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: The button works for all countries.  
Piano Summer Games - JoyTunes

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  • I love all the free apps! I am going to run out of storage very soon if you do not quit recommending so many cool apps! You make my kids happy!

    • Have you tried to rotate the apps? This article will give you the idea. Basically, delete some apps your child has played for a while, (because from the article you know how to put them back if you need them again), and after the kids are tired of the apps on the iPAD, bring the deleted ones back, they will think they are new apps again. 🙂

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