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Cool Math Activities that Cost Nothing – Patterns and Shapes

Mom’s Library

I always get excited when it is Mom’s Library time, as you never know what is going to be shared each week. Last week, I featured Creative Alphabet Learning Activities, today I am sharing creative pattern practice ideas.

Pattern recognition and creation are important skills for preschool kids to master.  It is not only one of the fundamental math skills, but also contributes to broader social development. Through pattern recognition, children are able to make predictions about what comes next. From predicting that a red circle will come next after seeing a string of blue square, green triangle, red circle, blue square, green triangle pattern, a child gain ability to make predictions about other things or events that occur with regularity, such as cleaning up after eating lunch, going to bed after reading 2 books. These abilities will help a child adapt quicker and behave more confidently in any environment.

I am very glad to see pattern practice activities shared at Mom’s Library.  What is even better, these shared activities all use every day materials you already have at home, or can be easily found in the yard or a park, and they cost nothing, or almost nothing.

Before kids can create pattern, they have to learn to recognize pattern.  I love the set of free printables that having kids sort flowers into vases.

The activity using paper towel rolls and foils to learn constellation also helps kids learn pattern recognition, and can be easily adapted to other patterns too.

Once kids are able to recognize patterns, they can start to create pattern.  This pattern painting on sticks is easy and fun. I never thought sticks could look so pretty.

Don’t you love these shapes made with food?  Kids all love to play with food, why not incorporate some learning into their random play?

I always enjoyed reading these creative learning ideas. Please share more!

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