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Create a Book with Book Creator

Book Creator

I recently came across an app called Book Creator for iPAD. Just like the app title suggested, it is an app kids can use to create digital books. I reviewed some other apps with similar functions, like StoryKit. Comparing to StoryKit, both apps have the basic functions like adding pictures and text, recording voices and sound effects. Book Creator is more versatile than StoryKit.
Book Creator App recommended by iGameMomSome neat functions I liked:
1. Kids can resize the picture and rotate the picture into different angles. They can put the pictures anywhere on the page, they can also put in more than one pictures on one page and decide how they want the pictures overlay on each other.
2. Adding text is easy. Kids can choose many different fonts, size, colors, and put the text anywhere on the page. They can also put the text on top of the pictures.
3. In addition to recording voices and sound effects, kids can pick a piece of music, like their favorite songs, from the iTunes Library on the device.
4. When kids finish making the book, they can choose to share via iBook, and they can open it right away from the iBook app.

What can kids do with the app?

One thing I am going to ask my son to do in the summer is to write book reports on his summer reading projects. I think this will make the writing more interesting than just a plain report. In addition to writing, he can draw and recording his voice, be it a read-aloud part of the book, or some silly noises to go with his drawing…

Another project I have in mind is a travel journey. This could be something we do together as a family. We are going to create a book on our vacation this summer. Of course, I will ask the boy to take the lead and to be in charge of the overall design of the book.

For older kids, this could also be a good tool for research projects. Kids can put in class notes, dictation, picture, music, … all in one place, makes it easy to organize the materials.

Can you think of any other uses? Love to hear your ideas!

Books Creator is available for iPAD. It is $4.99 on App Store. There is also a Lite version that is free.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Book Creator for iPad Lite: Book Creator Lite

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  • mimiswardrobe

    This looks great! I had the same idea Julie did–use it for me! 😀 But I’ll share it with the GKs, too.

  • Julie Hedlund

    These are such great ideas! I use Book Creator for my own writing projects, but never thought about it being a tool for kids too. Thanks for the tip!

    • I was wondering if there are any adults use it as well. I see it a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing!

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