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Creative Artistic Activities for Kids – Mom’s Library

Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library again. For the past two weeks, we shared Creative Alphabet Learning Activities, and creative pattern practice ideas.  Today we are sharing some creative artistic activities.

I enjoyed today’s features, because they used stuff we see every day and re-purposed them for artistic play.  Isn’t this what art is about? Great artists are those who have special eyes and minds, discover or connect things most people don’t, present their discoveries in a way that will enlighten people. Kudos to all the authors of today’s features! You are all great artists!

We all have rice at home, have you done anything with it besides cooking? Check out this beautiful rainbow rice spiral, it will make you think what else you can do with rice.

Any home with young children have at least a couple bouncy balls, have you ever tried doing an art activity with them? Visit Bouncy Ball Art to find out how easy it is …

This activity with pasta and play dough is presented to us as a fine motor activity, but it is just as artistic in my opinion.

Have you ever done a feather collage?  If not, make sure check out this parrot.

Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful ideas.  Please keep them coming! I’d love to see some language art activities for school age kids, such as vocabulary or writing.

If you are featured, feel free to grab the iGameMom button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

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