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Enjoy Poetry for Kids with Fun Activities

Enjoy Poetry for Kids with Fun Activities post image

Sometimes we tend to think poetry is too much for young children. But if you read books on poetry for kids, you will quickly realize that poetry is fun even for young children. It is a great way to help kids expand their vocabulary, learn rhyming and rhythm of the language. I have found many great ideas of incorporating poetry into kids’ activities. Here are some of my recent finds.

Enjoy Poetry for Kids with Fun Activities

Teaching kids poetry with fun activities.
Read poems with kids and identify rhyming words

Create a poetry journal, let kids illustrate the poems they collect or write for the journal

Here are 8 hands on activities to create poetry, such as creating a poetry picture, write poems on flowers,  or write poems with ripped words.

Craft the poem, like this firework poetry

Make a fun bookmark for the poem you read together

Make a river of words and let the kids to choose the words they would like to play with

How do you make poetry interesting for your kids?

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  • shelah

    Thanks for the poetry activity. I need help teaching poetry. 🙂

    • This in fact an area we need work on, so you will see more poetry posts coming. 🙂

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