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Poetry for Kids – Resources and Activities

Poetry for kids are fun! Before I had children, I believed you can’t start introducing poems to kids till they are older, till they can read sophisticated books. But after I had my own child, I learnt that you don’t have to wait till kids get older. In fact it is better to introduce poetry to kids early. Their love of beautiful poems will grow as their language ability grows. On this page, you will find many resources on poetry for kids we used, books, apps, websites, as well as learning activities to encourage kids’ interest in poetry.

Poetry for Kids – Resources and Activities

Poetry teaching resources and activities for Kids on iGameMom

Poetry Apps for Kids
iF Poems App: classic children’s poems, searchable by author, title, or words in the poem.
Little Poets App: fun poetry lessons designed for young children
Funny Poetry for Kids – A Short Poem App: 12 short poems with light annimations
Free Poetry App from Poetry Foundation: thousands searchable poems updated monthly

Poetry Activities for Kids
Enjoy Poetry for Kids with Fun Activities

Poems for Kids
4 Poems for Kids to Read on Thanksgiving Day

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