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Faces iMake – a Creative Art App


Faces iMake is a creative art app and more.  It lets kids create arts with objects they see every day, such as brush, banana, plates, and buttons.  Kids can re-size, rotate, flip the objects they choose, and then put the pieces together to make a masterpiece.  There is no limit to the imagination.

The app was developed with renowned artist, children’s book author and educator Hanoch Piven and is based on the creative workshops he conducted all around the world.  According to Piven, the purpose of the app is to make it a virtual workshop that reflects what happens in the real world when we compose pictures using objects. He believes all significantly creative ideas are born from playing, therefore Faces iMake “is a game as much as it is a creative workshop.” Faces iMake

After its launch, it’s been receiving raving reviews.  Some of the key messages from the reviews: great tool for developing right brain creativity; intuitive for children with disabilities, such as Autism; entertaining for kids and adults.

App Features:
• 5 video lessons on creativity by Hanoch Piven himself, geared for all ages.
• A gallery of 20 inspirational images created by the Piven family
• A sharing engine (Facebook, email)

iGameMom Comments:

It is a very neat app.  Seeing how ordinary everyday objects turning into an extraordinary art work will be inspiring.  It will teach the children to live everyday life with artful eyes and mind, and to appreciate life more…   The app works on both iPhone and iPAD.  It is $1.99 at App store.

There is a HD version of the app that only works on iPAD, with better image quality and more features.  The cost is $4.99.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
iPhone: Faces iMake      iPAD: Faces iMake

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  • Thank you for this review 🙂
    My name is Eyal and I’m the founder of iMagine machine™, the company who developed Faces iMake with the amazing artist Hanoch Piven.

    Just wanted to clarify about the version for the iPad.
    It’s called – Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity.
    It has more then just better image quality.
    With Faces iMake for the iPad you can –

    Create bigger “Faces”
    Make a lof of Faces on every page
    Use the camera to bring your own world into Faces
    Edit pictures to make your own objects
    Duplicate objects
    and much much more!!!!


    • iGameMom

      Thanks for the clarification! Hope you will have more great apps coming out.

  • LOVE! My girls love art so this is perfect! I love your blog – it is SO helpful to me. Thanks for checking mine out 🙂

    • iGameMom

      Thank you for stopping by. Hope you and your girls like the app.

  • beebeesworld


    • iGameMom

      It is a fun app. You should try it out.

  • Good idea, and it made me think straight away of my son who is just now 18 years young. This kid makes some of the most hilarious faces. And photoshops them. All I had was an etcha-sketch!

    • iGameMom
    • Sound like you have a boy with some talent…

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