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Giveaway – Brush of Truth


iGameMom has 6 copies of the book app Brush of Truth to giveaway, 3 for iPhone/iPod and 3 for iPad.  To learn more about the book app, please see iGameMom’s earlier post.

How to win:

Leave a comment after this post, answering the question: Which feature do you like the best for a book app to have?  Thoughts for potential answers: 3D pictures, choose your own ending, Video embedded in the story, animation, ……

Each comment earns an entry to win.  You can leave as many comments as you want to.  If you decide to follow iGameMom, you will earn an extra entry.  This is very easy to do – just check “Notify me of new post by email” right before you submit the comment.  All comments entered between June 8 and June 15 are eligible to win.  The winners will be announced on June 16.

Good luck.

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  • I’m with Story Bayou, which created Brush of Truth. Thank you for your comments! We are always interested in reader feedback. Please review us in the marketplace, and like Story Bayou on Facebook. Working on the sequel to Brush of Truth now…

  • Deepali singhal

    I believe that a any book app should use simple language so the child can understand it.the voice used for narration should be loud and clear.it should use colourful illustration so that kids find it interesting.

    • iGameMom

      Great inputs. Totally agree.

  • Hmmm, just looking at your list of suggestions make me think I would like a book app that has choose your own ending options! I am hoping to win this app for iPod. Thanks!

    • iGameMom

      Thanks for your inputs. Let’s hope you win!

  • I’m new to these book apps so I’m not even certain what I am looking for exactly, but in general I want a game that helps my child think and be creative! Also, I follow your blog already, can I have an additional entry for that?

  • Just bought this for my 8 year old daughter – she’s loving it!!

    • iGameMom

      It is an interesting story.

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