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Free Apps: Collage Apps for Creating Memories

Pic Collage

Do you have a lot pictures on your phone? Today I am sharing two collage apps I have been using, plus one I just discovered. All apps are FREE. They are all very easy to use. You can use them yourself, or you can use them with your kids and create some family picture collage together. I am sure the kids will have fun and the collages can easily become mother’s day gifts. There are tons of collage apps out there, if you have one you like, please share at the comment below.

Pic Collage: it is a free app. It is one of the first collage app I used. I like it for many templates it offers, including a free template of making your own.  You can add texts on top of the pictures, which is very helpful for blog pictures. You can crop, rotate and resize each picture to better fit the template or for better effect. It is very easy to use. Everything is intuitive, so you can don’t have to spend time to learn how to use it.

Photo Collage Free: also has many free templates. You can change background, size of picture. The free version doesn’t let you add text. I use it when I just need put 3 or 4 pictures together quickly.

CollageIt: This is the one I just discovered last week. The developer approached me for a giveaway on iGameMom for their collage program on computers. I then discovered they also have a free app. The app’s functions are similar to the other two. But the computer program is quite interesting.
3 free collage apps

CollageIt for Computers: First, it takes up to 200 pictures in one collage. Second, it automated the collage process. All you have to do is to pick a template, drop pictures on the template. The program will automatically generate the collage. You have the option to choose the number of pictures to be included in the collage. You can also re-arrange the pictures by simply clicking the “Shuffle” button. The position of the pictures will be re-arranged for you. You can set the background color and pattern, choose if you want frame for each picture. You can then save the collage as an image file on your computer to print out, or to share via email, Flickr, or Facebook. The whole program is very easy to use. The picture you see attached to this post (minus the label “3 free collage apps for crreating memories”) is generated by the program in 2 minutes.

All the three apps work on iPhone, iPod and iPAD.  All three are Free on App store.
If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Pic Collage Pic Collage Photo Collage Photo Collage FreeCollageIt CollageIt Free

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  • Gabrielle O'Brien

    This looks awesome! you can create awesome gifts for friends that are moving away!

  • Niamh

    Mac please

  • Sugi

    PC thanks

  • Emi

    PC please.

  • Becky

    Mac – thanks!

  • Trov

    PC please. thanks!

  • Christina

    Looks amazing! I often use picasa but would love something else to try! !

  • Ginny

    Mac please! It looks great.

  • Evil Genius Mum

    I think photo collages are a great idea. So many of the spawnlings’ evil plans have various levels. I need multiple photos to collect all the details!!

    EG Mum

  • Lobroo

    I have a Mac

  • Mimi

    I would love to win one of the collageit for my pc

  • Jess Dowd

    Mac of course 🙂

  • jaime


  • Colette

    Mac version please!

  • Tracey M.

    I would love to win the Mac version. I think making photos collages would be a fun feature to add to my blog. I use sooo many photos. I would love to try and make several creative projects using it as well. My daughter would enjoy creating scrapbook collages with the program.

    • It is very easy to use. Kids actually will have fun with the program too.

      • Tracey M.

        Yah! I just received a message stating that I won a copy of this program! Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate it and can’t wait to use it! I have a review due tomorrow and wanted to try creating my first collage. Exploring the possibilities is going to be loads of fun. I am sure my daughter will get out of it as well. What a wonderful blessing and Mother’s Day gift! Thank you again.

  • Lisa


  • Jay

    seems so simple, I’m off to download it!

  • L. Marie

    So adorable!!! My friends will love this!

    • Tell them about the giveaway. Maybe they can win a free copy of the program for their computers.

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