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FREE for Limited Time – Make a Scene: Farmyard

FREE for Limited Time – Make a Scene: Farmyard post image

Make a scene: Farmyard is a well designed interactive sticker game that fosters children’s creativity.  What I liked the most is the multi-touch feature, which allows more than one kid create an art together.  It is free for a limited time!

Introduction from the App Store:
Make a Scene Farmyard is a fun interactive game that engages children’s natural sense of creativity. It is aimed primarily at pre-school age children, but will provide hours of entertainment for children (and adults!) of all ages, helping to develop vocabulary, fine motor skills, co-ordination and creative thinking, Make a Scene offers a great way for children to play and learn at the same time. Make a Scene Farmyard

Make a Scene Farmyard uses drag and drop interactions, descriptive audio, fun sound effects and engaging animations to create an entertaining, educational platform. Children will have endless fun using their imagination to create their very own farmyard scenes.

The game features typical items found on a farm, such as people, animals, fruit, vegetables, equipment and machinery. By dragging and dropping these digital, animated ‘stickers’ onto the different backgrounds available, your child can create a large number of unique scenes. A clear voice-over reads the name of each item aloud, and is accompanied by fun animations and sound effects where possible.

With multi-touch, children can add or move multiple stickers. Great for playing along with children or allowing multiple children to play simultaneously without arguments about whose turn it is!

Once the child has created their masterpiece, at the click of a button, you can share it with friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, email, or simply save a snapshot to your device.

✔ Over 50 ‘stickers’
✔ 5 animated backgrounds
✔ 6 animated foregrounds
✔ Multi touch enabled
✔ Save scene as an image to your device
✔ Share your scenes with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email
✔ Retina graphics support
✔ Automatic depth of field
✔ Easy-to-use toolbar and menus
✔ Descriptive audio
✔ Engaging animations
✔ Fun sound effects
✔ Background sounds to bring the experience to life
✔ Ability to move and re-arrange ‘stickers’
✔ Ability to remove individual ‘stickers’ or reset all ‘stickers’ and position them once again
✔ A learning experience that will keep your child engaged for hours!

iGameMom Comment:

I have never seen a toddler who doesn’t like stickers.  With Make a Scene, you don’t have to worry about stickers stuck on your new book or your just painted wall.  Plus, toddlers are also learning words while playing – if a sticker is picked up by a child, the name of the sticker (such as cow, tractor) will be read out loud.  It is only available on iPAD.  It is currently FREE, but only for a limited time.  Go get it before the price goes up. It is also available on Amazon for Kindle.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Make a Scene: Farmyard Make a Scene: Farmyard

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  • My grand kids now have more apps on my iPad than I do!

    • iGameMom

      Seems it is true in most households 🙂

  • Thanks for the heads up. donwloading it now. Hopefully my little guy likes it.

    • iGameMom

      It is a fun app for the little ones. Hope you will like it too.

  • Ha! I like this twice. At least I’m consistent 🙂

    • iGameMom

      “Two is always better than one!” Double thanks for the “two” likes!

  • What age is this appropriate for?

    • Hi Larry, It is aimed primarily at toddlers and pre-school age children, however it is suitable for all ages. Hope that helps!

  • Hi igamemom, thanks for the review! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve uploaded an update that brings Make a Scene: Farmyard (and our other apps) to iPhone as well as iPad. Just waiting for Apple to approve it, shouldn’t be much longer! Thanks again from the Make a Scene team 🙂

    • iGameMom

      Thanks for the update! Assuming it will work on iPod touch as well? I will update the post.

  • Fay

    I worded that badly, I know of the app, it’s not my creation. I wasn’t self promoting 🙂

  • Fay

    I can’t find your like button! 🙂 I am buying my son his own I pad for Christmas ( so I can have mine back!) will be pre loading it with all the fab apps I can find, your blog will be invaluable. Great Blog idea 🙂
    There is a fav app of mine you might not heard of but is worth a feature. Is there a way to inbox you?

    • iGameMom

      I will have to post my contact info on the site. — I am always interested in learning new apps. Yes, please let me know. My email is contact@igamemom.com

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