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FREE for Limited Time – Wee Sing & Learn ABC

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, Wee Sing & Learn ABC is free from $2.99 for a limited time.  They say it will be free till Apr.29 (Sunday), but we never know when the developer will reset the price – so get it when you can.

From the App Store:

Sing your way through the alphabet! The new Wee Sing & Learn ABC app combines original music, animated animals, musical instruments from A to Z, and read-along text to provide parents fun and creative ways to help their children learn the ABCs. From beloved children’s brand Wee Sing and award winning developer zuuka, this educational tool will provide endless entertainment.

Kids will love interacting with the animated characters while learning letters and beginning to read. Every letter of the alphabet has its own special song. Humorous animals join in as they play instruments from around the world. The real sound of each animal and every instrument is heard. The simple songs are easy for kids to sing along as the read-along text is highlighted and repeated.

♫Read Along – Narrator reads and sings a song for each letter, the animal and instrument sounds are heard. Press additional buttons for more words that start with that letter.
♫ABC Song – Follow the letters of the ABC song set to narration and music
♫Explore ABC – Explore the alphabet by pressing on the letters to hear them spoken aloud
♫Play Along – Try to keep up with the ABC song by pressing the letters in rhythm with the instrumental accompaniment
♫Explore Animals – See an animal and instrument associated with each letter of the alphabet and hear their sounds

iGameMom Comment:

The Wee Sing & Learn ABC app effectively teaches letters through touching, listening, reading, and singing. No matter what your child’s learning style is, this App can meet the need one way or another.  The interactive graphics, narration, and music will help letter recognition and simple vocabulary.

It is available for both iPAD and iPhone.  It free right now.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
Wee Sing Learn ABC

wee sing learn ABC app
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  • Jamie henry

    My 18 month old is obsessed with this app
    I’ve since had to buy her an iPod so she doesn’t break my iPhone
    If she cant play it she screams and bashes her head on the ground
    Look what you have done hahaha
    Fantastic app though, she can now say half of the animals and knows how to navigate through the menus

    • iGameMom

      This is great! This is a perfect example how a good app can help kids learn, even when they are babies.

  • wiscomom

    My daughter absolutely loves this app 😀 thanks!

  • StarfishKid

    Looks like a great app! was out of town and a tad too late to get it free!

    • yes, the price is set back to $2.99. Hopefully we will find some other good deals.

  • April Thursday

    Cool program! I see so many kids with the Ipad now, waiting for Mum or Dad, great way to put learning with fun! Thanks.

    • This is what I am trying. With so many apps out there, seems it is getting more and more difficult to filter the good ones out.

  • ansuyo

    My granddaughter will love this one 🙂

  • Oster's Mom

    In the process of downloading it right now on my IPAD! Thanks so much.

  • Jaime Jackimiec Straus

    Downloaded, thanks!

  • myjoyfortoday

    Got it! Thank you!

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