FREE: Improve English Grammar with Road to Grammar
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FREE: Improve English Grammar with Road to Grammar

Road to Grammar

Today I am sharing a free resource helping kids practice English grammars – Road to Grammar.  It is a website, not an app, but it functions very well on iPhone and iPAD.  It is originally designed for ESL (English as Second Language) students, but kids in primary school who need some reinforcement in grammar can definitely use it too.
Free English Grammar Practice Website
Once you open the website on your iPAD or iPhone, you see the list of practices kids can do – Adjectives and prepositions, Adjective or Noun, Adjectives with –ed and ing, am is or are, …. There are over 300 practices on the list.  Tap on a practice, kids will see multiple choice questions.  They answer the questions by tapping on the choice they think is correct. If they get the answer wrong, they can try again. Each practice session has 25 questions.

Since it is a website, it requires WiFi connections to do the practice directly on the website.  However, there is a PDF file for each practice that you can download into iBook app and then have kids do the practice on the PDF file. You can print out the PDF file, or you can have kids do the practice right on your iPAD.  To learn how to write on PDF on your iDevice, read How to write on PDF document on your iPAD. They do put answers to the questions at the end of each PDF file, you will have to make sure kids don’t see the answer key before doing the practice.

If you access the website on your computer, you can see more contents, such as Extra Practices, Games, and downloads.  The games are pretty fun to play.  The downloads are teaching notes on various subjects in PDF that you can use as teaching materials.

Overall Road to Grammar is an easy to use website that is great for kids to learn and to reinforce English grammar concepts.  It is a free site that functions well on iPhone and iPAD.
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