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Free Online Math Dictionary for Kids

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When kids start learning math beyond counting, they start to encounter math concepts that they need understand precisely the meaning, or they may have trouble. For example, they need know the meaning of “Angle”, and the differences between “Acute Angle”, “Obtuse Angle”, “Right Angle” and “Straight Angle”. It will be helpful if the kids have access to these math terms at home when they need help. Math Dictionary is a free online math dictionary designed for kids to look up math word definitions. It is a good math learning tool for kids. It functions well on iPhone and iPad.
A free online math dictionary for kids, covering over 100 math concepts, each concept is illustrated with a picture. A great learning tool for kids from kindergarten to grade 5.
It is a very simple to use web site. After kids reach the homepage, they will see a table of 26 letters. If they want to look up a math word, they can start by clicking on the starting letter of the word, and then pick the word under that starting letter.

I like how the explanations of the words incorporate pictures. The pictures visually help children fully and accurately understand the meaning of the words. From the image above, you can get a feel about the visuals kids will get from the dictionary. They make the concepts intuitive and easy to understand.

The dictionary is designed for elementary school kids, so the math concepts included in this dictionary is also pretty elementary. There are about 100 math words in this digital math dictionary. But with the visual help and the easy to use interface, it is a great free learning tool for kids to use at home. When kids need to know the definition of a word while doing homework or a project, parents can direct them to the dictionary to look them up, instead of telling them right away. It is a good training for independence!

To access the online math dictionary, simply go to the dictionary website. If you like, you can create an app-like icon on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad of the dictionary homepage following instructions we have How to Easily Access A Website on iPhone iPad with One Click.

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