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Fun Math App for Kindergarten Kids

Fun Math App for Kindergarten Kids post image

Helping kindergarten kids learn math is fun, yet challenging sometime. They have a short attention span and it is hard to keep their attention for long to get the math concepts stick with them. That is why I liked the app MathLab Kindergarten. It has many different small games that are easy for young kids, and fun to engage their interest for long enough that they can understand and master the math concepts.
fun math app for kindergarden kids
There are two ways to use the app:  Trip and Lab.

Trip: is a progressive process with 20 stops, each stop is a little more difficult than the earlier one. There are 5 questions in each stop, including various topics, like counting, shape, color, sequencing.

Lab: is subject specific practice. There are 17 labs.

Name the Color: kids are shown an object of certain color and are asked to pick the correct color word for it.

Pattern: kids are shown a sequence pattern, and are asked to pick the object for the next in queue.

Compare Amount:  kids are only asked to decide the amount qualitatively, which is more, which is less.

Compare Length:  kids are asked to pick between two objects which is longer or shorter.

Compare Weight: kids are asked to pick either heavier or lighter object between the two they are shown. Most objects are kids see every day, and are obviously different on weight, like cars vs. leaves.

Counting: kids are asked to count the number of objects on the pictures.

Categorization: kids are asked to pick the correct object between two choices to put in the group that fits the category. The categories can be by shape, color, or objects like cars.

Name the Shape: kids need know the basic shapes, such as square, rectangle, oval, circle.

Name the 3D Shape: sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, pyramid, …

Express Number: associate numeric number with the actual number of objects.

Side of Shape: count the number of sides of different shapes.

2D Shape to 3D Shape: identify the side shapes that are part of a 3D shape, for example, a triangle is part of pyramid; a square is part of the cube.

Name the Number: connect verbal number and numerical number, like six for 6.

Confuse Number: this is age specific. Some kids like to flip numbers when they write them, and this is an exercise for them to recognize the correct form.

Number Line: a good practice for skip counting. The number lines can be arranged by 2, by 5, or by 10.

Addition with picture: kids are asked to add two types of objects and pick the number for the sum. For example, they are shown 2 circles and 1 triangle, 2+1=3, and they need pick the number 3 to answer the question.

Skip Counting: similar to number line, but this one has missing numbers in the middle of the line.

MathLab Kindergarten is a fun math app for kids around age 5, but with such broad coverage, kids from age 3 to 6 can all benefit from it.

It is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is $1.99 on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
MathLab Kindergarten

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