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Helpful Reading Resource for Teachers and Students

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Recently I found another reading resource that is really helpful for kids, especially for teachers. It is a completely free resource, with reading materials, vocabulary sheets, and reading questions. The reading content subjects include science, social studies, original fiction and original reporting. All the reading materials are organized by grade levels. You can also search by keywords, Lexile level, skill and strategy. It is easy to find materials that fit your need.
A free leveled reading website for kids. Users can search articles and books by grade level, skill sets, reading level, key words, … Reading materials ranges from articles to novels, and covers wide range of topics, sports, news, … A wonderful literacy resource for school, homeschool, or reading practice at home. | education resource for kids from kindergarten to high school
The site is readworks.org. You do need sign up a free account to access the materials. All you need for the account is an email address.

Once you get into the account, you can search the reading materials in 4 different ways.

Skill and Strategy Units:

Here you can find reading materials for different skills, such as author’s purpose, character, fact and opinion, sequence, voice, vocabulary in context.

Comprehension Units:

Users can find units by grade level, from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Each lesson has a suggest book and a carefully designed level based question sheet. It is helpful for teachers or parents to see how each lesson is aligned with common core standard.

Reading passages:

This is the place to find reading articles for each grade level, from kindergarten to grade 12. Each article also has level appropriate questions. I also like the vocabulary sheets. For each vocabulary, there are several meanings, and several example sentences to help kids fully understand the meaning of the words.

Novel Study Units:

Currently there are only novels for grade 5 and 6. Each grade has about dozen novels listed. For each novel, there are 4 to 6 lessons to help kids understand the writing from different perspective, such as the author’s point of view, interpreting perspective, retell story using plot elements.

I like how the teaching materials are organized. It can be used for independent work, small-group work, whole-class lessons, or teacher read-aloud lessons. It is a helpful reading resource for teachers, homeschool families, and families who want to reinforce kids’ reading skills.

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  • Rene

    I love your Site it really brings learning to live. Living inSouth Africa and having out of the box technology orientated ideas is very frustrating. I have 2 kids with superior IQ but are hampered by a small thing called consentration. Being an Apple lover and having the the opportunity to use the due to my mother in law living in America I could provide my kids with my remedial and Education (teaching for 17 years) in the most disadvantaged area in our country (and only because I was just as hyper as some of my kids being ADHD I found my calling and made it my mission to help assistant and provide them with an opportunity to reach there full potential luckily our school was picked as Gautengs Pilliot school and we had everything first we were used as Ginny pigs and had lots of input in curriculum compositions.
    Have you ever considered composing a package that is interactive touch and full on hand on. There are lots of moms out there with kids with barriers to learning. I am a supporter of TV games as it help kids focus. iBooks give you the freedom to create your own. There are amazing sites that are used by professional only per barrier per level and per capability. There are many kids that can’t get to therapy and this is one why to help plus vast amounts of sites that assists test a just give reports and provide help on the kids level for educators and parents. You r lucky living in the land of plenty.

    • Thanks Rene for the encouragement and the idea. I will think about it!

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