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How to Encourage Kids to Read More – Mom’s Library

Mom’s Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. We had a lot articles linked up last week. If you have not visited, make sure visit Mom’s Library from last week. Today I want to feature some ideas on helping kids enjoy readings.

There are a few articles shared last week about encouraging reading and recommended books.  Do your kids like reading?  Mine does.  We tried from his early years to read with him a lot and do activities based on books together.  Although nothing was intentional, but when I think back we did use some of the ideas suggested in the next couple articles.  If you are trying to find ideas to help kids to read more, make sure visit the articles encourage beginning readers and Reading tips for raising readers.

I found what worked for us the best is to have engaging discussions about the book and extension activities after reading the books.  I was really glad to see two articles shared about book related discussion led to new discoveries and book activities that make the reading more fun.

Great books shared include: Justice-Oriented Books for Children , Early Chapter Books about School , Red Kite, Blue Kite, and Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express.

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