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Learn Life Skills with Fun Games – Duckie Deck Collection

Duckie Deck Collection

After reviewing Duckie Deck’s Sandwich Chef, I checked out a couple other Duckie Deck’s apps. I really liked their playful learning approach and the smart use of different device features in the learning experience. I also like their apps not only addressing academic skills, but also life skills in general. Today I want to share an app called Duckie Deck Collection. It includes six fun and friendly games for toddler and preschool kids (age 2-5), teaching kids some essential life skills.

There are 6 games in this collection, all teach life skills beyond typical academic skills. I think, in general, academic skills are easier to teach, because they are concrete with clear measurements. Life skills, on the other hand, are hard to teach. This collection of preschool games does a wonderful job on supporting healthy habits and developing creativity, as well as solving some of the challenges of childhood. Fun Kids Game App Teaching Life Skills

The six games included in the app:
– Encourage picky eaters to sample different fruits and veggies: kids pick the fruits and vegetables from the field, and eat them.
– Exercise kids’ imagination: kids see a magic hat and a wand, tapping on either of these will bring something magic out of the hat …
– Teach how to take care of pets: Kids have to pick the right food to feed each animal. The dog won’t be happy if kids give him fish.
– Help kids get used to darkness: kids enter a dark room only seeing a shadow, which is a little scary. They can guess what it is, then turn on the light to find out if their guess is right or not. The shadow turns out to be a friendly animal.
– Show the value of keeping a tidy home: kids will pick up toys or other items on the floor, mop, vacuum, or sweep till the floor is clean.
– Practice visual matching skills: kids were given a 3-parts picture of an animal that all three parts are mis-matched. Kids need find the right parts to make sure all 3 parts: head, body, legs belong to the same animal.

The interface of the app is very child friendly. There are 6 pictures on the home screen, each leading to a particular game. The pictures are bright and colorful. The characters are simple and fun to interact with. Kids can play the games on their own without much help. However, if parents want to engage, there is definitely space for a parent to play with the kids, like talking about the animals’ habit and food, why we need a clean house, why kids see black shadows in the dark.

It is a fun game app for young kids to learn life skills and exercise their fine motors and hand-eye coordination skills.

Duckie Deck Collection is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is $1.99 on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Duckie Deck Collection

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