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10 Ways to Learn Math with Easter Eggs

10 Ways to Learn Math with Easter Eggs post image

We shared ideas of science experiments with eggs. Today we have math activities with eggs. All math activities use plastic Easter eggs, but they are not necessarily Easter Math Activities, they can be used any time of the year.

Learn Math with Easter Eggs

10 ways to learn math with plastic Easter Eggs - math games and printable worksheets to help kids learn numbers, counting, odd even numbers, and math operations. Fun STEM learning activities for kids from toddler, preschool to upper elementary school
Put mini erasers of different shape or colors, or any other small objects that fit inside the plastic eggs, you can start a counting game with kids.

Put various plastic Easter eggs in a pile, asking kids to sort the eggs by colors, and record the final counts of each color on a sheet of paper, and ask kids which color is the most. If kids are capable, you can also ask them to make a bar chart to compare the numbers of different colors.

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Do a math Easter egg hunt – tell kids how many eggs they need find, and send them out to hunt for eggs. During the process, ask them how many eggs they have, and how many more they still need find.

Write numbers on the plastic eggs, and ask kids to build a number that is called out by you. This is a fun game for kids who just learned to recognize numbers.

Put numbers inside Easter eggs, and ask kids to randomly pick two eggs, then do addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, depending on kids math level.

Wobbly Easter egg math looks very interesting, and easy to set up.

Addition number family is another fun math activity using plastic Easter eggs. You write several math problems on one side of the plastic egg, and answer to one of the problem on the other side of the egg, kids must turn both sides of the egg to line up the answer to the right problem.

If you prefer printable worksheet, here is a free Easter Math addition worksheet.

This is another free worksheet for kids to learn Odd and Even numbers.

This set of coloring by numbers worksheets has 4 sheets, each for a different math level.

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  • Shannon

    What great fun learning games – I love themed educational activities!

  • Maca

    This is a great idea thanks for shearing! Ill be using this closer to Easter season, where my kids are excited about eggs and they would be open to add some numbers to it!



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