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Save and Enjoy Kids Art Clutter-Free with ArtKive App

Save and Enjoy Kids Art Clutter-Free with ArtKive App post image

Every year kids bring home a lot art works from school. We had a closet just to store child’s art. Yet quickly we ran out of space. A couple years ago I found this app called ArtKive, and was so glad that I can just keep all the art works digitally to save all the space. Plus I can pick some of the art to make them into art books, for keepsake or for gifts.
save enjoy kids art clutter free with artkive app
ArtKive is an app that is available for both Apple and Android devices. The working system is quick simple. You take a picture of kids’ artwork, and save in the ArtKive app. It is nice to have the options to edit the picture, such as crop the picture or rotate the picture. I sometimes like to take a picture of my child holding the art piece to add into the picture collections.

One nice feature of the app is you can tag the picture with the child’s name, art work title, and time the artwork was created. For the time, you can choose kids age, or kids grade level, or the actual year or date. You can also add notes for each art. It is a good place to keep the fond memories related to each piece of art, how it is created, funny stories during the creation, where the art ideas are from, …

After you’ve collected enough art work, you can create albums based on different criteria, such as the art created in a certain year or certain grade level, the artworks of one child. This helps the organization part of the art archive a lot easier.

Finally, you can also create a book out of selected artworks and print out a hard copy of the art book. It is such a wonderful idea to have a keepsake or for a gift for grandparents.

If you have a family member who doesn’t live nearby, you will like the social feature, which allows you to share the art on Facebook, or a sharing circle you created. You can also share your child’s art work publicly on Artkive museum.

Do you have any tips on archiving children’t artwork?

Artkive is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is also available for Android on Google Play.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Artkive Artkive

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  • Cortney Browning

    Will this keep artwork for multiple kids… Like could a teacher use it for twenty students?

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