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Spelling Games for Grade 2 Kids

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We shared SpellNow year 1 app a while ago. SpellNow also has published their year 2 app. Compared to the year 1 app, this year 2 app has a similar structure of 4 blocks and 10 lists in each block. It covers spelling skills for 2nd year students, such as common vowel teams (ou, ow, oi, oy, oo and ou), ambiguous vowels (ou, oo and ea), two-syllable words with long vowels, initial sounds (th-, br-, cl- and wh-), final sounds (-nd, -ng, -nt and –mp), tri-blends (scr-, str-, spr-, shr-, thr- and squ-), plurals, past tense, hard and soft c and g, silent letters, r-controlled vowels, w-influenced vowels, homophones, compound words and ordinal numbers, to name a few.
fun games for spelling with 40 spelling lists for year2 students
SpellNow Year 2 Challenge is organised into four, ten-week terms so that students can work on their spelling all year around. Each spelling list is organised according to letter-sound patterns and word family groupings. This allows students can make sense of spelling as they move from simple spelling patterns to less frequently used words with difficult spelling patterns.

The 6 games are fun and address different spelling skills.

The first game is Word Jumble. Kids are given a sentence. One word in the sentence is spelled wrong, but with all the right letters. Kids’ job is to spell the word correctly. They can choose to listen to the word again, or listen to the whole sentence.

The second game is Word Hide. Kids or are shown a word at first, then the world is covered and kids are asked to spell the word. Although there is no sentence on the screen, if kids tap on the “Play Sentence” button, they will hear how the word is used in a sentence.

Word Spin Is a fun game. Kids spin a wheel, and they then hear a word spoke to them. They have to type in the word and spell the word correctly. Like other games they can choose to listen to the word again or the word in a sentence.

Word Spell is similar to Word Spin. With this game, kids tap on the polar bears, and listen to the word, and then spell it correctly. When they spell the words correctly, they save the polar bear. If not, the polar bear will be frozen in a big ice block.

In Word Check, kids are given words that are misspelled. They have to correct the spells of the words.

The last game is Dictation. Kids have to write down the whole sentence after listening to it. They have pay attention to capital letters and punctuations.

I love how the app organizes the word lists. Before you start each list, you can tap on the info button to find out the focus of the list, or tap on the list button to find out which words are in the list. Each list has about 20 words. If kids follow one list each week, they will able to spell about 800 words in a year.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

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