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Video Games to Go with Beloved Children’s Books

Video Games to Go with Beloved Children’s Books post image

Do you kids like books? Do you do any activities based on the books? Book based activities encourage kids interest in reading more and sometimes it can work the wonder in turning a reluctant reader into a book lover. I found a wonderful website with resources for fun activities that are linked to the books kids love. There are printables, and even video games. It is by Random House, and it is designed specially for kids.
book based games activities for kids from Random House
When you get to the website, you will be able to choose among several sections from the menu right below the site title “Random House Kids”: books, activities, games, videos, and authors.

Books is the place you can choose books by kids’ age, category, book title, or series. If you want to learn more about the book authors, you can go to the authors sections. From there, you can find more books from the author and the author events.

Activities section has many printables for different things kids like to do, coloring, crafts, puzzles. You can also choose activities by book titles and series. I saw Dora, Paw Patrol, Sponge Bob, Grinch, Teenage Mutant, … in the coloring pages. In crafts, kids will find finger puppets, trading cards, masks, ornaments, … In Puzzles, kids will find Maze, Word Scramble, Word Search, Matching game. There is also a section of party activities, that are instructions for activities for a group of kids.

Games section is a fun place. Kids can play online game with books as themes. Kids can search games by book series or themes. Kids can also choose games by difficulty levels. I played a The Grinch Grow Your Heart Game. Kids use mouse and keypad to control Grinch’s speed and drop gift boxes into chimneys. Kids must learn the timing when to drop the gift to make sure it goes in the chimney. There are easier games and more difficult games depends on kids age.

Overall Random House Kids is a fun website with many book themed games and activities. It is all free. You can find activities for kids from preschool to middle school.

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    that’s a prodigious idea. I must say that this idea success definitely in the future.

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    this seems to be really interesting. video games will have a great impact on the children.

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