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Storytelling and Learning with Stickers

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Storytelling gives kids opportunity to express themselves. Even young children who have not mastered the language itself can express themselves in many ways other than language. Today’s app CreAppcurentos is a wonderful tool for kids to do that. It is a free app letting kids create and tell their own stories with stickers. In addition, kids can record sounds, play puzzles based on their own stories.
storytelling with stickers
CreAppcurentos is free to download. There are several themes for kids to create stories. When you first download the app, only the first theme, Pirate, is free. After kids created stories, they will unlock aother theme, which has scenes of every day life, like school, playground, home.

Within each theme, kids select background, then figure stickers, such as different types of pirates; props, like knives, hats. For kids who can read or write, they can also add text bubbles. After they have the story scene created, they can add narration or music. They can add more than one scenes in a story. After they finished the story, they can play the story and record it, and if they want to, they can share the story with family and friends.

Another nice activity is the puzzle after the story creation. Kids can pick a scene they created, then decide the puzzle difficulty level they want. The app will create a jigsaw puzzle out the scene of their choice. It is exciting for kids to play puzzles using the pictures from their own creations.

In the setting section, which can only be accessed by grown-ups, parents can find educational activity ideas using the app. It’s interesting to see the ideas for kids to learn math using the sticker app.

CreAppcuentos is a free app for kids. There could be many uses, either in the classroom or at home. It can help kids who can’t write yet to create stories and express themselves, it can also be a teaching tool for kids who have speech difficulties. It is available for iPad and Android.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
CreAPPcuentos CreAPPcuentos

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