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eBook Reading Resource with Teaching Guide for Kids of All Ages

eBook Reading Resource with Teaching Guide for Kids of All Ages post image

Do you kids have reading assignments? Or do you like to look for books of different genre for your kids to read? Do you feel it is hard to find the right book for kids? Some times it is not the right level, some times it is not about something they are interested in. Having the books that kids can and like to read usually is the best you can do to encourage kids to read more. We have shared quite a few resources for kids reading materials, some are even free. Today we are adding another wonderful free reading resource for kids.
free leveled eBooks for kids with thousands of book choices
Zing is a collection of digitized kids books that kids can read on computer or mobile devices for free. There are thousands of trade book titles, including award winning titles, books and series from well-known authors, Spanish leveled books, and short texts, poems, and articles.

The best feature I like besides free is the search function. You can search by genre and text type, such as audio, fiction, nonfiction, poetry. You can also search by topic, like math, science, or social studies. While searching by reading level, you can use different reading level systems. You can search by guided reading level, Lexile level or ATOS level. You can also search by kids reading interest, like friendship, teamwork, coming of age, overcoming challenges, survival and courage, and acceptance. For language options, you can find English, Spanish, or bilingual.

You can sign up the free account on main site as a teacher or parent and assign readings for kids. You can assign different books for different groups of children. Kids then access the site for students by a code you give them. You can find the code in your account “Manage Student” section. Some handy features are built in dictionary, notes, and highlights. Kids can also bookmark places in the books.

Some books have built in teaching points. You can find those books when you search for eLearning books. These are just regular books but have teaching questions and activities built-in each page of the books. While kids reading the books, if they click on the eLearning tab, they will see the questions and activities they have to do for each book. You can also add your own teaching points for books you choose for the kids.

Zing is a very good reading resource for kids from preschool and kindergarten to middle and even high school. It is designed for both teachers and students with features that facilitate teaching and learning, besides reading. What a wonderful free literacy resource for classroom and home! Try it on Zing website.

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reading programs continuously offer free digital books for kids - picture books and chapter books
free online non fiction for kids

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