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TeachMe 3rd Grade

TeachMe 3rd Grade

I was super excited when I got the opportunity to review this app. I absolutely love the Teach Me series of apps by 24x7digitial.  Actually, none of my kids are anywhere near 3rd grade but I really just wanted to see how they changed this series to grow with kids.  Well, they did a great job.

There are four areas they focus on here: multiplication, division, spelling, and sight words.  First, the multiplication and division is presented in such a way that it teaches your child what those things are.  The app explains about different sets of numbers and allows children to sort objects so they can easily see that 4×3 is three sets of four.  It does the same with division.  Even a child that is not familiar with multiplication or division can begin to understand those concepts and begin to learn methods to solve those problems.  There are also questions featuring “fast multiplication” and “fast division” to help your child develop speed in solving problems.  For those problems, kids must answer three questions correctly in 30 seconds.

Teach Me 3rd Grade at iGameMom.comThe sight word and spelling questions are fairly self explanatory. The big difference with the spelling questions though, is that kids write their answer on your device.  You can change that feature to have kids spell it with the keyboard if you prefer but I like the writing feature.  If you have a kid that knows how to spell and write but maybe doesn’t do it as neatly as they could, this can be a great tool.  Children also write out math answers but more care must be taken to write out a six letter word than a single digit.  I didn’t have any problem with the technology.  Sometimes the app might not recognize what you wrote or will recognize it as something different if letters aren’t formed correctly but simply use the “eraser” to go back a keystroke (each time you touch it) and try again.

So as with the other TeachMe apps, kids are rewarded for correct answers with coins.  With their coins, kids can buy anything from stickers to place in different scenes, to fish and decorations for an aquarium, shapes with the characteristics of silly bands to play with and place on a “wrist”, items to dress up pictures you take, and items and decor for a house you can customize.  Also, as with the other TeachMe apps, everything is customizable : the level your child is on in each category, how frequently they get coins, how the multiplication and division problems are presented, and if your child can access your photo library for their artwork or not.  Those are my reasons that this series of apps is my favorite.  The customization is extraordinary.

TeachMe 3rd Grade App

NerdyBaker comments:

I feel like an unintentional (or possibly intentional) side effect of this app is better penmanship.  I had my 6 year old trying this out and a big issue with her is her penmanship.  Comparing her homework from the first two days of the week when she hadn’t used the app to the two days after, they looked like night and day.  The spelling itself was still a bit challenging for her, but if you press the question mark, kids get the word to trace.

I love how they explain the concepts of multiplication and division.  I couldn’t explain them as clear as the app does. For a very bright kindergartener, she could grasp what she was doing and get about half right without mommy helping.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
TeachMe: 3rd Grade

Thanks 24×7 digital, iGameMom has 3 sets of TeachMe apps to giveaway, each set includes 5 apps from 24×7 Digital: TeachMe Toddler, TeachMe 3rd Grade, TimesTables, Smiley Sight Words, and SightWords Pro. For more information on TeachMe Toddler, please visit iGameMom’s earlier review.  The last three apps will be reviewed next week, but I can tell you they are good practice apps. 

To win the apps, please go to the Giveaway post.  While you are here, you might want to leave a comment, as this is the first entry requirement to win the giveaway.  Three winners will be randomly chosen on May 3, and winners will be announced on the giveaway page on May 4. 

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nerdybakerToday’s app is reviewed by Celina, the NerdyBaker. Celina is a wife, a mother of three, a self-proclaimed nerd, lover of movies, science, and science fiction. She is always looking for fun and educational content for the iPad and iPods.

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  • Belinda

    Thanks for all your info. I am busy doing research so that I can introduce iPads into my classroom. I teach Grade 3 so this app looks super.

  • vanessa s.

    thank you for the review, I would love this for my son to help him to advance in his math.

  • Sugi

    Love TeachMe apps. Would like to win the bundle. Thanks!

  • Trov

    Looks like a great app. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • We’ve got the kinder and 1st grade versions, and they’re incredibly popular.

  • CD

    The TeachMe: Kindergarten is phenomenal! I don’t doubt this 3rd grade one will keep the same interest in my children!

  • Erin

    I am excited for the writing portion of this app. We need penmanship help!

  • This app looks awesome! My kids
    Would love it!

  • Becky

    We used TeachMe Toddler. It is great. Would love to the others you have here.

  • Angela

    This app looks really interesting. My kid isn’t quite this age yet, but the toddler app would be perfect for him! 🙂

    • The toddler app is very good. I reviewed it a while ago, it is still among my top choices for toddlers.

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