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What do kids learn from video games?

Couple days ago, I came across an article saying kids should not play games on iPad, because iPad is two-dimension, while the real world is 3-dimension. iPad games flatten the real world into a plane.

I sort of agree with the author. Yet, I remembered a book I read a couple of years ago (I believe it is “I live in the future”, by Nick Bilton). In that book, he cited a finding by a study that among the surgeons specializing in one type of surgery, there were a higher than average percentage of video game players when they were young. What is more, it is not just any game, it is one particular game they all played. Further investigation found out that the finger muscle used for that game was the same as the muscle needed for performing the surgery.

I know, we can have so many questions about the validity of the study. But my point is – we all have blind spots. Some times, on some subjects, especially new subjects, we may not know if it is good for our children or not. No one can predict the future. No one can say for sure what your child will be doing when he/she grows up. More than likely, their jobs in the future are not in existence today. – So many hot jobs today did not exist 10 years ago!

Education is our investment in our children, for their future. This is just like investing money for retirement – no one knows for sure which stock will grow, and what is going to happen to yourself in 10 years. The principle of education should be the same as investing in the stock market – diversify the portfolio. We don’t want them learn from video games only, in the meantime, we don’t want them learn from books only (or outdoor play only, or un-structured play only, or sports only… ) neither. If we think different ways of education as a whole portfolio, a balanced portfolio will have a better chance to yield a desired outcome.

Which way of education will be in your portfolio?

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  • ZowieTs

    I’m with Mrs. Smith on this one. I came here after your ‘like’ on my post and this article really caught my attention. That’s a great outlook on education you have there, it’s good to see that some people can accept that media platforms are helpful to the growth of individuals in this day and age.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is good to know the people sharing the same perspective!

  • Found your blog from your “Like” on my post. Thought I would read through it, and it is very interesting! I love this post especially. The iPad is not evil, and neither are video games. You posted the quote that because they are 2D then it is somehow undesirable, but what an amazing piece of technology that we can turn our world into only two dimensions and navigate it! I agree, there needs to be moderation in all things, but that doesn’t limit the ways we can learn or entertain, moderation does the opposite and begs for more variety.

    I will keep reading!

    • Thank you, Mrs.Smith. I like the way you put it: “moderation .. begs for more variety”.
      I had good time reading your blog. Your house looks gorgeous and your baby is beautiful.

  • Reblogged this on Learning Mom and commented:
    Education is our investment in our children for their future …

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