What Do You Need Know Before Using Amazon Underground
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What Do You Need Know Before Using Amazon Underground

What Do You Need Know Before Using Amazon Underground post image

Recently Amazon launched a new service Amazon Underground Apps. With Underground, you can have over thousands of apps for free, including the parts via In App Purchase. I believe many people will like and use the service. But why they are giving all these apps for free? As a consumer, you need know what you are losing before using it.
Must know before using Amazon Underground Free Apps
I tried to use the service after it is launched. This is what I found out.

First you have to download the Amazon Underground app to use the service. You won’t be able to download the app in the same way as all other regular apps. There are special steps you have to do:

1. You need go to your device setting’s Security section to allow the device download apps from Unknown Sources.

2. After you change the security setting, you need go to your device Downloads section, then check in Files to find Amazon_app.apk file, and tap on the file to install it on your device.

Next, to be able to use the free Underground apps, you need enable data tracking for all these apps, so Amazon and the app developers know how long, how often and what have you played with the apps.

Why do you have to go through these special steps to use Underground apps? Because the reason the apps are free is the developers and Amazon decided they will collect your usage data in exchange for money.

So does it worth it? It is all depends on your feel about data privacy. Do you feel comfortable to let Amazon and the app developers track your data through the apps? If yes, how much information are your willing to give? Are you sure you know all the data they are collecting? When you download the app, it tells you what they get from you, and read each pup up window during the app download process to make sure you understand what they mean. If after thinking through all these questions, you feel comfortable about sharing the data with Amazon, then go ahead download the Underground app, and enjoy the free apps.

You can find apps that are currently available in Underground on the website:  There are thousands of them. If you look at the left side menu, you can sort through the apps by categories: books, cooking, education, games, kids, productivity, and more. There are over 20 categories now. Many apps are very good, high quality apps.

There will be more apps, and more features beyond free apps, added into Underground. Amazon Underground is currently available in the US, UK, Germany, and France.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Amazon Underground

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  • Franck

    The main reason (and the only one from a developer point of view) the apps track how much time you used them is because the developer will be paid according to that time; it is not for the developer to get some private data.
    If the user doesn’t play with the app, the developer wins nothing, it is as simple as that. If the user spend a lot of time using the app, Amazon gives some bucks to the developper.
    That said, you must be right regarding the Amazon objective, but you must also know that they already know much about you if you shop there 😉

    • I agree the developers probably are not getting much data as Amazon. I think it is all about personal comfort zone. I personally am still using it knowing they are collecting data, and probably more than usage data. But I am sure there are people who don’t like to share that.

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