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10 Free Game Apps that are Educational


Recently I had a discussion with a friend about games and education. I believe games are not all bad. There are many good games out there. As long as being used wisely, games can help kids learn in many areas. I have discussed this topic in several articles on iGameMom, two of them are How to Teach Physics with Angry Bird and Tiny Tower: What Can You Teach Your Child. Today I share more game apps that are educational and you will be happy kids are playing.

10 Free Game Apps that are Educational – and you would like kids to play!

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LEGO App4+ :  kids design and build cars with LEGO blocks, and run the car through the course. They have to use two different types of thinking in the process: imaginative and creative when coming up new ideas, executive and logistic while trying to make their model work. It is the combination of art and science! Designed for kids 4 and up, but anyone can play.

LEGO movie maker : Wondering how stop motion picture works? This free app from LEGO will show you all the tricks. I am sure after making one movie, they will see how it works, and will want to make more. The most helpful feature is the shadow of the previous shot location on screen. You just have to try it. Kids any age will have a good time.

Scribble My Story : It is a great book and art creation platform where kids can imagine, create, and share what they make with their parents. Kids can pick from the 5 pre-written book templates or start a completely new book of their own. They can use colored pencils and stickers to decorate the pages. I also love the feature that parents can send message to kids within the app, it adds fun in the story creation process.

Toontastic : Kids learn storytelling by creating their own movies. Who doesn’t like to make movies?  Following the story arch, the app guides kids through the story creation process, with pre-made background scenes and character figures. Kids can record their narration and the move of the characters, add accompany music, and watch their own production! What a fun way to learn storytelling. This app is designed for school age kids, but there is a different app Toontastic Jr that is designed for younger kids.

Where is My Holiday from Disney : The holiday version of the very popular Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry, from Disney. Kids play games and learn liquid physics and game strategies at the same time. It is great for critical thinking and planning too. If you have never played the game, I bet you will just be as addictive to it as the kids.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader : Just like the TV show, it is a fun academic family game. Any one started school can play. Kids in first or 2nd grade may not be able to answer all the questions, but I am sure, there are some questions they can answer better than mom and dad! The free version has ad, with the option of upgrade via In-App Purchase to take the ad off.

Spaceteam : a fun game for the whole family. You need at least two devices to play as a team, and it can take up to 4 players (with 4 separate devices). Players can only look at their own screen. The message shown on Player A’s device is the action another player need take, and Player A have to give verbal instruction to the other players. The goal is to take needed actions as quickly as possible, or the ship will sink. Sounds easy? Go try it out! This is a game for kids who can read independently.

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales : all Toca Boca apps are wonderful apps. If it is free, it is even better. Kids be the designer, starting from choosing the material, picking the right fabric pattern, to clothes style, and accessory matching. It offers opportunity for limitless imagination and creativity. There is no language involved, kids as young as 4 can enjoy the play.

Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander : a free app from Disney. It is designed for toddlers and preschool kids. Kids will hang out with Winnie the Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood, explore and play. There are puzzles, matching games, coloring pages, and music activities waiting for the kids to enjoy.

Albert : It is a collection of 20 mini-games, and 10 of them are free. I simply love the clever use of the technology features, such as multi-touch, tilt sensor. The art work is great, and I really enjoyed the special 3D effect. It is not particularly designed for kids, but kids 6 and older should be able to enjoy the play. I bet you will too.

Hope you will like all these free game apps. Do you have a game app you like?

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  • Dave

    Great list. I would add Yuvi – Story Aerobics for Kids.

    • thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately what you suggested is not a free app, thus doesn’t fit in this list.

  • Nita

    Totally love this list.

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