Shape it app

I like art activities using shapes. It combines art and math. While creating pictures with geometric shapes, kids practice shape and size recognition, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and creativity. Today we share an app letting kids create pictures with shapes. The app Shape It is designed for kids from preschool to early elementary school. […]

Freaking Shapes is a simple game: answer yes/no in less than 1 second to: “Does this shape fit this hole?” Recently launched, in just one weekend, users became instantly addicted, playing an average of over 7 minutes. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Derek Morin Note: App news submitted by […]

NGA Kids Art Zone app

The NGAkids Art Zone app is a FREE app from National Gallery of Art. It is designed to teach kids art with interactive activities. All activities are inspired by works in the collection of the National Gallery of Art. It is designed for early elementary age kids, but kids younger or older and even adults […]

Shapes, colors, sound! Make music in seconds. Color Chime is an amusement park for your fingers and a bubble bath for your ears. Free on the App Store! Color Chime is the second app from NTHSynth, a collaboration between Kevin Holland and John Staskevich. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted […]

Native Numbers App

An important early math learning element is the number sense: to truly understand the meaning of numbers beyond those written on paper. Today we have a wonderful app Native Numbers to help kids gain the real sense of numbers. It is a well-designed curriculum for kids age 4 to 7. It is usually $10 on […]

The playful character of Lalo was inspired by one of the developer’s own dog. The creators added a backstory where Lalo’s family went on vacation and left him home alone. The only means Lalo can find his owners is an emergency jetpack. Pull My Paw is available on the App Store and Google Play for […]

Fun French App for Kids

My son’s school opens two new foreign languages and he is going to take French in addition to Spanish. I am so glad to have the chance to check out the app designed for kids to learn French: Fun French – Language Learning Games for Kids Age 3 to 10. After playing it for a […]

Stretch your fingers and get ready to meet your new hero: a mole who’ll take you on a trip beyond a child’s imagination. Bop is a busy mole. Whether he’s planting seeds or harvesting, or moving and digging, Bop is always focused on his goal. The world of our little digger friend has been lovingly […]

Water Cycle App

Do you get much rain this time of the year? Usually during the season change time, it is a good time to talk about water cycle, as you might see rains or fog, in the morning dew drops, and these are good examples of water cycle in the nature. I recently find a good app […]

Mom's Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. With kids going back to school, we are happy that life goes back to routine. However, pretty soon we will start seeing homework, school project, reading list, spelling list, papers need be signed, books need be returned to the library, … not to mention soccer practice, game schedule, snack schedule, … […]

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings App

PBS is one of the most trusted resources in our family so I generally feel like I’m in good hands with any game or activity they come up with for my pre-schooler.  This Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings is no exception, based on Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, the whole feel  is gentle and sweet.  What’s so special […]

Glow Puzzle is celebrating it’s 4th Anniversary on the iTunes App Store. The hit puzzle game have over 5.7 million downloads to date. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Nexx Studio Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing […]

Fly by numbers app

Fly by Numbers is a math practice app for kids. With the flying theme, kids who like airplane may like this game. It covers addition, subtraction and multiplication from single digit within 5 to mixed operation up to 100, so kids from preschool to high school can use this app. When kids start the app, […]

Have old family photos in shoe boxes, albums or frames? Scan them with Pic Scanner to preserve them for posterity, and make those one-of-a-kind photos easy to share. Place up to 4 photos on white background and “scan” with iPhone or iPad; the app crops & saves them individually. So easy! Try 10 scans free. […]

Duckie Deck Baby Tunes

Duckie Deck has developed many apps for very young children, like Duckie Deck Collection. I like their intuitive and innovative designs to engage babies and toddlers and help them develop the skills they need. Baby Tunes is another of their fun apps designed for babies to learn sounds of different objects: cars, airplanes, pigs, monkeys, […]

Swiggles is a simple but oh so fun app for iOS that teaches motor skills to 1-3 year olds. Swiggles will also make your kids giggling and laugh. Available August 23rd at a reduced price of $0.99. Swiggles was developed by the makers of Werds. Art by New York City graffiti artist – Phetus For […]