Post image for Practice Math Addition Facts to Launch Rockets

Math addition fact is a very critical stage in kids math learning. The better the kids know about the facts, the quicker they can solve the problems. You really want this part of the math become an automatic process, i.e. you want the kids know the facts so well, that they memorize them and the answers can […]

Post image for 9 Pumpkin Science Activities for Kids

It is time for Mom’s Library! Fall is approaching us faster than we know. Some of our neighbors have put up pumpkin decorations in the yard already. I think it is time to start thinking about some pumpkin themed activities for kids too. Have you ever tried science studies with pumpkins? I surprised myself that there are actually […]

Fun Spanish Course App

A while ago I reviewed a French leaning app from StudyCat, It is a fun game-like app helping kids learn vocabulary in French. StudyCat also has a Spanish app with similar structure. If you are looking for a Spanish language app for young children that let kids play fun games to learn Spanish, this is […]

Here is an app that will promote exercise and fun. Download this free app and help the screen character go from overweight to buff and toned. The user makes the game icon jump rope. The more you jump the more weight he will lose. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted […]

Post image for Free App: Collaborate among multiple devices

Do you run into the occasion that you wish you and a friend or another family member or a coworker or a class mate can access the same file at the same time, like correct a mis-spelling on a document, draw a picture together, or co-sign a document? Today we have a Free app that […]

Rainbow Loom Patterns is a newly developed android application. It provides new Rainbow Loom ideas for every one to enjoy. For more information, go to the app on Google Play. Posted By: Dipen Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like […]

Post image for Best Math Learning Tools on iPad and Other Tablets

We started putting together Best Learning Tools on iPad and other Tablet series. Today we have best math learning tools on iPad and other tablets. There are many math apps available, we have put together 45 math game apps for kids grouped by age and learning objectives. However, in this learning tool series, we only […]

A new version of the game MindStuck is published in the AppStore. The aim of the game was a bit different from others. There are a lot of easy games. We tried to make it one of the toughest games on the App Store. You will be really lucky if you solve the first levels. […]

Post image for Chess Academy for Kids

Chess Academy for Kids is a Chess Tutorial app designed for kids. It teaches how to play chess, from the very basic, like what is each piece, rules for the movements, winning strategies. It is a handy tool for kids to learn the game on their own. There are 140 lessons in the app. I […]

Gemioli published a new book “Treasure Island. An Interactive Children’s Book”. Famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson is fully adapted for little readers and their parents in the form of interactive children’s book for mobile devices. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Gemioli Note: App news submitted by app developers […]

Post image for Fun App for Kids Exploring The Space

Grandpa in Space is a fun learning app about space for kids from preschool to early elementary. It takes kids explore the space and visit the planets. There are learning games built in the space exploration process, so kids also get the chance to use their math and English language skills to solve the problems […]

FREAKS!! is a physics puzzle game like no other. In a very strange universe ruled by the freaks, the princess is trapped, help her escape. Be smart, be fast, be a hero! You must save the princess. But don`t worry, the freaks are made of glass. You can break them into pieces. You can do […]

Post image for Family Night Ideas – Good Family Movies and Games

With all the school activities, family and work responsibilities, it is hard to fit family night into our busy schedule unless we intentionally plan for it. Do you have family night? What do you do? I have been looking for family night ideas, and find some good family movies and games. I’d love to hear […]

Post image for 65 Sets of Free Fall Themed Printable for Kids – Over 1000 Pages

Welcome to Mom’s Library! While looking through all the link ups from last week, I can’t help noticing all the free printables shared by our readers and friends. It is amazing how much time these moms put into their kids’ learning, and now they are all sharing their creation with us and offer them for […]

Sago Mini Monsters App

Sago Mini has a series apps designed for very young children. Most of their apps are targeted at toddler and preschool kids, although I always had fun with their apps too. Sago Mini Monsters is a fun creative monster app for the same age group. It is free for limited time on Apple App Store. […]

Rush of Rune is a strategy game which innovatively combines city building, TD and classic miniature wargaming in one. It presents you an immersive medieval fantasy world with its gorgeous Pixar-style animation, and thrilling storyline. Rush of Rune is a thinking man’s game, which involves skill, strategy and calculation. For more information, go to the […]