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Where to Find Cool Science Experiments for Kids on YouTube post image

No matter what time of the year, there are always moments that you have to stay home, and try to find things to do with kids. We've shared many fun activities for kids on iGameMom, but what if you don't feel like to actually do something. Good movies for kids and educational videos to the rescue!  We have been using YouTube more and more. There are a lot educational channels on YouTube and I love the fact that most videos are… Read More


An original interactive ebook app, A Parcel of Courage, is available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone. The app lets parents and children to discover a new level of family reading experience: A Parcel of Courage combines kids friendly visual and interactive reading to create a strong emotional bonds between generations. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Liudmila Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only… Read More

App Went Free: Fun Activities for Toddler and Preschool Kids Bumblz post image

Bumblz is a collection of fun activities for kids, including puzzle games, coloring pages, sing alongs, and short video stories for kids. Its target users are kids 6 and younger. It is a free app, with In-App Purchase. Today all the In-App Purchase items are free, so in addition to downloading the app, you want to purchase all the In-App Purchase content when they are free. Bumblz is a fun, musical animated series about a young bee who, together with… Read More


We all use technology to express ourselves and to express our creativity. But it’s nearly impossible to manage all of the different digital platforms on your smart phone. The Ultimate Messenger (T.U.M.) is a universal app that is changing the way we express ourselves on our smart phones. We’ve developed the world’s first umoji! For more information, go to http://www.fundable.com/tum Posted By: Lawrence Chambers Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the… Read More

Learn History and Culture of United Kingdom with Eric and Bruce post image

Eric and Bruce Travel to Britain is the first app in Eric and Bruce app series. It takes kids to the key cultural and historical highlights in Britain. Designed for kids age 5 and younger, it is a great cultural immersion app for young children. Eric is a young boy, and Bruce is his dog. Eric and Bruce travel the world, and the first stop is The Great Britain. Once kids enter the app with Eric and Bruce, the first… Read More

App Deals: Non-Fiction Reader Offers 2 Free Books For Two Days post image

Blue Planet Tales is a book app offering non-fiction books for kids. All stories are based on history truth, and are with a humanity focus. Recently Blue Planet Tales just added a new feature: narration for all the books. To celebrate the new app update, Blue Planet Tales is giving away 2 books for free: Apollo 11 and Laika the Little astronaut dog. The free offer ends in two days. To learn more about the app and to download the… Read More

300 Free Valentine Math Worksheets for Kids post image

Time for Mom's Library! We had 9 Heart Themed Science Experiments for Kids for your Valentine's Day science activity. Today we have Valentine Math Worksheets for Kids, so kids can learn math around Valentine's Day too. I like these 10 number activities with free printables, especially how hands-on these activities are. This is a set of worksheets for kindergarteners to learn numbers and counting, they are also very hands-on. This Valentine PreK/K package include not only early math, but also early reading worksheets, like… Read More

Good Movies for Kids Featuring Pets post image

Do you have pets? Do your kids like pets? Pets could be very good companions and friends. We've seen many wonderful stories about pets and kids. Today we share good movies and TV shows for kids featuring pets. As we are Netflix members, these movies are all available on Netflix. Good Movies for Kids Featuring Pets As usual, we list movie titles by kids age groups. Movies for younger kids are listed at the top of the list, and movies… Read More

Best Sight Words Learning Tools for Kids post image

Knowing sight words is an important step towards children's reading and communicating fluency. It seems easy, but learning sight words involves several elements: recognize the print, so kids know the word when they see it on paper; recognize the sound, that kids can speak the word; connect the word with real object or action; know how to use the word in every day communication, including use it in sentences and being able to spell the word. We used to use different… Read More

App Went Free: Adventure Story and Board Game in One App post image

Pixel and Parker is a unique adventure story app for kids. It is a story app, and it is also a board game app. Kids explore a different path every time they read the story, and they get to pick the path by playing games. I love the interesting combination of both game and story to make the app intriguing and engaging for the kids. It is currently free, but even it is not free, I still think it is… Read More

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