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Do you like STEM activities? STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Math. I like STEM topics and activities. Even you don’t expect your child to be in a STEM related field when they grow up, it is still good to expose them in as many STEM subjects as possible, as it is not just about […]

Dino Dog – A Digging Adventure with Dinosaurs is a fun digging game and adventure with animated cartoon, instantly lovable characters and a charming visual style. Currently heavily featured on the App Store. For more information, go to the app website. Posted By: StoryToys Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by […]

Heart and Lung Lab

Future Scientists will be excited to hear that isygames have added another fun anatomy themed app to their collection: Heart and Lungs lab. The interactive app gives kids the opportunity to dynamically explore the human body and to learn its functions hands on. On opening the app you are presented with a diagram of the […]

Who is a potential owner of a babysitting business? It’s those tens of millions of kids between the ages 10 to 17, teens and tweens, who want information about finding a job they like and building a successful business on their own. For more information, go to the app website. Posted By: Real Experiences at […]

Curious Kids and Toy Cars

Does your child like cars? Have you shown them the inside of a car? If you have a hands-on kid who likes engineering and machines, he/she will like this app – Curious Kids and Toy Cars. With this app, kids will be able to take apart cars, learn the parts names and how different parts […]

Using this wonderfully-illustrated app for kids, children have a lot of fun learning about animals and what they eat. Funny animations with great sounds let children know whether or not they have chosen the right food. From monkeys to lions to snakes, every animal is really hungry and wants to be fed! Recommended Age: 2+ […]

Mom's Library

It is time for Mom’s Library! Today we feature some fun summer crafts for kids to do at home. They are all easy and fun, using materials you can find in your house. Looking at them – snakes, pigs, beach ball, popsicle sewing cards, … Kids will learn about colors, practice using scissors and sewing […]

Immerse yourself in the world of flying objects! Discover the everyday life all around the airport. “Airport Memo” suits perfectly for the upcoming holidays, the next trip by airplane and of course for all little aircraft-fans. Your task? Find all the matching pairs! For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: […]

The Swamp Where Gator Hides

The Swamp Where Gator Hides is a picture book app executed with lovely depictions of swamp life in the Everglades.  The concept is no frills as book apps for young children should be (says the early childhood librarian who lives deep inside me).  The lovely paintings of the animals are the focus here.  If you touch them […]

After the successful educational application sCool Math, which was progressively created for the most widespread mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), ARTAX is introducing another achievement: Laika, The Dog in Space. The game is available for devices with iOS. You can download the game for free directly from App Store. For more information, go to […]

Bedtime Math

Many parents read to kids before they go to bed. But what about math? How about a math problem every day before bed? Today we’d like to introduce a website and an app – Bedtime Math. As stated on their website, Bedtime Math is to help kids love math the way they love playtime or […]

Have you ever found yourself with a full fridge of ingredients but without any idea what to make from it? Well, from now on that problem is gone, we introduce to you Smart Kitchen, a new iOS mobile app, that shows cooking in a fun and interactive way. For more information, go to the app […]

Post image for Free App: Explore Nature Science with Online Games and Photo Hunt

Plum’s Photo Hunt app and the Plum Landing website take learning life and nature science to a whole new level.  The Photo Hunt app focuses on the immediate world around you and the Plum Landing website focuses on a few different ecosystems of earth and takes the life sciences global. The Photo Hunt app is perfect for […]

Read in Russian is designed for children from 2 to 4 years old. The rules of this game are simple: you have to pop the ballons. But this is no ordinary speed game, it is an elaborate interactive game, which will help your child learn Russian letters, syllablles and learn to read. For more information, […]

Bud Rhyming Words

Children seem all like rhymes. Rhyming is an important part of language mastery. Rhymes help kids develop and enhance phonic awareness; experience the rhythm of the language; and expand vocabulary. Rhyming activities have many benefits in a child’s literacy development. Today we introduce an app of rhyming game to help kids expand their vocabulary with […]

Dedo – from playing to lullaby is a nice app that offers an instructive and funny play available for both iPad and iPhone, dedicated to all kids up to 5 years old. It is focused on the day of a baby Dinosaur, Dedo Dyno, who, like all kids, likes to play and spends time with […]