iPhone iPad Tips

Many people don’t put data plan on their iPad. This means the iPad cannot access internet or send emails without Wifi, or when the Wifi signal is too weak.  Have you ever had the experience sitting at a busy airport trying to send out an email, but you just can’t? Do you know you can […]

Mom's Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. Spring is finally here. With Earth Day approaching, we are sharing Earth Day activities for kids, plus learning resources. We have learning activities in the backyard, activities about seeds and plants, study ideas to explore nature, and wind. We also have nature and earth themed books and movies for kids. Earth […]

 A Great Day for Pup

A Great Day for Pup is another book app from Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Learning Library. It is based on the original print book of the same title. We have recently become big fans of Cat in the Hat in our household and this book app was an immediate favorite. It has great […]

Zebi Robot is a fun sci-fi virtual toy for kids of all ages. Kids can interact with Zebi Robot with the microphone, camera, accelerometer, and touch screen. Zebi Robot can dance, change colors, pitch shift and playback your voice, and react to your taps. Zebi Robot is available for free for the iPhone, iPad, and […]

1000 Adventures

Do you have a child full of imagination? Then you should share this book with your imaginative child. 1000 Adventures is a book app that sparks the wildest children’s imagination, taking kids to imaginable places, interacting with imaginary characters, … be ready! A boy wakes up in the morning, his imagination takes him to all […]

ZapVM is a new iOS app that allows users to easily create and share video messages by combining photos, voice, graphics and touchscreen gestures in realtime, is now available in the iTunes App Store. ZapVM provides a novel communications platform that allows users to quickly and easily send a visual message or tell an illustrated […]

Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets

Who doesn’t like playful learning ideas? Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets is a fun learning app for kids around preschool age (3 to 6). Kids learn about animals, letters, practice observation, memory and fine motor skills, all through animal themed fun games. It is free today. When kids open the app, they are asked […]

Want to become a math champion? Blackboard Madness: Math makes it easy – all you need is your finger as your sword, your mind as your striking arm and a few minutes of practice each day to hone your lightning-fast math powers. Blackboard Madness is designed for all ages to enjoy. Available March 28th for […]

DIY Sun Science

DIY Sun Science is a free science app for kids designed by UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science. It has instructions on 13 hands-on learning activities helping kids learn and explore about the Sun. It also has many amazing sun related images and videos. What is most interesting is the sun observatory showing live images […]

Shiny Party is a fun learning app that promotes essential basic geometry skills. Kids will learn to identify shapes and colors, explore ways in which shapes can be joined together, and work with parts and wholes. It is also an interactive read-along storybook. Children learn and play as Alice and Charlie throw a surprise party […]

Monument Valley

I recently have been playing the game Monument Valley. It is an amazing game. Combining strategic problem solving, visual art, geometric and optical illusion, it is a game app I have not seen before. It is not for young kids, but definitely a great one for school age kids to gain first hand experience about […]

Meet Spottie, Cassandra, and the rest of the Fluffy Monsters! All you have to do is bring them together in this unique and thrilling puzzle game app. Combine 2-3 tiles one on top of the other, and a cute Fluffy Monster pops out! • 25 puzzles in 5 levels • For 5-8 y/o FREE download […]

How It Works

How It Works is a clear, simple, textbook style app.  It visually shows kids how things function and do what they are supposed to do. There are 9 items featured in the app: a car, a rocket, a steam engine, a windmill, a lawn mower, a pump, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a hair […]

Mom's Library

It is time for Mom’s Library. We put together some very fun Easter and Spring learning activities for kids a couple weeks ago. Today I want to share some learning activities with the plastic eggs. Every year, after Easter, we end up with many colorful plastic eggs. They usually sit in the closet for a […]

CosmoCamp Picnic Problem

We have reviewed a couple CosmoCamp book apps. This is another book app designed for toddlers and preschoolers from CosmoCamp: Picnic Problem. I like the features encouraging kids’ active engagement, as well as different reading options for different age groups to improve early learning skills. The series is about two friends Migo and Pandy’s adventures through […]

Spring is finally here! But where‘s the Easter bunny? This little bunny is already hiding on the App Store. In an interactive children‘s book for iPad & iPhone. Free till Easter! Off you go and play hide and seek with the bunny! Little explorers playfully discover cute little surprises and spot lovely drawn animals in […]