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Movies to Watch with Kids on New Year’s Eve post image

Do you have special plans for New Years Eve? It is the exciting moment of the year. For me I enjoy the most when the whole family sit down and enjoy a good holiday movie together. It gives the magic warm feeling that will last for a long time. Do you have favorite New Year's Eve movies? Here are some of my favorites. I'd love to hear yours too. Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World: Elmo and Sesame Street friends entertain… Read More

Holidays are always a good time to catch up on good movies. To celebrate the holidays, we are giving away a one-year Netflix subscription, valued at $96. We have been using Netflix since they started Kids Movie section. We like the variety of movie and TV show selections. We also like that there is no ad anywhere during your watching time. The capability of keeping each individual's profile is very helpful, so each member of the family can keep a… Read More

Demystify Shadows with Fun Puzzle Games post image

Is your child afraid of dark? Do they see monsters in the dark? The visuals in the dark is very different from that in day light, and one big component of it is the shadows. DisMonstes is a fun puzzle game of shadow, showing kids where shadows are from, and how they can become so big and in weird shapes. Hopefully when kids really know what the shadows are, they can eventually turn this shadow play into a special platform… Read More


The Tom and Jerry Learn and Play app features fun, educational activities and hilarious comics. The activities are especially designed to stimulate the cognitive development of children. The app will have new editions added on a regular basis, with new comics and activities. For more information, go to the app's website. Posted By: Tom and Jerry Learn and Play Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news… Read More

A Charlie Brown Christmas book app

We love to read Christmas stories, they help to bring the holiday spirit and it is great bonding time. Nothing makes me feel better than snuggling together with the family to read a holiday story together. Compared to years ago, now you can find many Christmas stories on your iPad or other mobile devices, book apps, Kindle books, or iBooks. We are listing here some of the best Christmas stories for kids you can find on your iPad. The nice… Read More

Amazing Science Experiments with Ice Kids Love post image

Time for Mom’s Library! It is winter in the US now. This is the perfect time for some fun science experiments with ice. If you are at the place that are not in the winter season, hope you can still make some ice in a refrigerator, and they bring some cool sensation to your hot days. These ice science experiments are all amazing to do and to watch, and your child will beg for more. Have you tried to grow ice? This… Read More


Join the first digital Treasure Hunt to win one of the 10 promo codes for The 3 Pirates! Collect all the Treasure Map's pieces from our website, assemble it and find the secret sequence. The 3 Pirates is available in five different languages and it's perfect for kids 4 and up. For more information, go to the app's website. Posted By: The Treehouse App Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the… Read More

Fun Santa Claus Game for Young Children post image

My Santa Claus Game is a fun game app for kids. There are 10 mini games in the app. Most are fun and easy to play, that a preschool kid can enjoy. The 10 games are arranged around Santa’s life and job: from waking up, to having breakfast, to fixing toy factory, and delivering toys. All games address skills preschool and kindergarten kids are expected to master, such as color and shape matching, fine motor skills of leading objects through… Read More

Playing Sea Puzzle is discovering an enchanting underwater trip. The journey is found to be mesmerizing both by parents and kids. It enhances development of concentration, memory, coordination, fine motor skills and more. We are launching the game globally, and for now it is offered at a promotional discount! For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Pangolin Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before… Read More

Feelings Emotions Learning Tools

Emotion expression is hard! It is hard even for adults, not to mention for kids. However, understanding others’ and ourselves’ emotions and expressing the feelings to others are important skills in building self-confidence and relationship with others. Today we share learning tools for kids on feeling and emotional expressions. However, to be able to express the feelings, one has to be able to recognize the feelings and emotions first. You will find most of the learning tools here are focused on two aspects… Read More

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