Fun German App for Young Kids

Last year we had opportunity to visit Germany. While doing research about the country, I was quite surprised to learn that German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union. Because not only Germany speak German, it is also an official language of many other countries, like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. […]

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It is time for Mom’s Library. Today we share 20 ways to create Monsters. Many young children have monster fear, especially at bedtime. Making monsters is a great way to help them understand monsters are not real, they are created by people like you and me, they are products of our imagination. So while having […]

Plants by Tinybop

Plants is an interactive diorama about plants in different biomes. Via open ended play, kids learn the eco systems and how plants grow and live in the real world. It is designed by Tinybop, whose first app Human Body was a great success. I love the guided exploratory approach of teaching. There is no lessons to […]

House of Big Things has opened and presents its first two iPad apps. Stretch your fingers and get ready to meet your new hero: a mole who’ll take you on a trip beyond a child’s imagination. Bop is a busy mole. Whether he’s planting seeds or harvesting, or moving and digging, Bop is always focused […]

Post image for Free App: Math Learning Tool Helping Kids Think Through Math Problems

I always believe math is a tool for kids to learn how to think, besides doing number calculations. The skill of thinking includes asking the right questions and exploring possible solutions. That is why I like Singapore math. I especially like the model drawing process that helping kids learn how to think when they are […]

In this game, the child is transferred to the fabulous kitchen. Spoon and Fork can smile, dance, wink, but they are always hungry and your child should feed them all the time. The faster you catch the objects, the more chances they are fed and do more funny stuff to the kid. But watch out! […]

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Memorizing all the spellings is a hard work. We want to use as many tools as possible to help kids learn spelling so they can move from “learn to read” to “read to learn” stage as early as possible. Today we share our top picks of Learning Tools for Spelling that are available on iPad […]

Learn, teach and explore different types of 3D solids and help students understand geometry in a pleasant way. It can help to create interest and enthusiasm in school mathematics classes at all levels. ‘Shapes’ has been featured as Best New App in more than 100 countries, included UK, China, Germany, France, Russia and Italy. For […]

Duolingo Free App

I always wanted to check out Duolingo. I have read about their free language learning programs and apps, but I have not got a chance to actually use it till recently. After I used it for a while, I really like it, not just because it is free, but also how good it is at […]

In a jungle, players will help a blue-eyed monkey catch as many falling coconuts as possible. The task may seem all too simple, but things will soon get challenging. A punky monkey is trying to steal the falling coconuts. To complicate things a bit more, a bomb is hidden among the falling coconuts. Players can […]

Post image for App Went Free: Build and Test Robot at Toca Robot Lab

We love Toca Boca apps. Although the apps are designed for young children in toddler and preschool age, my older child and myself have always enjoyed playing with Toca apps. I like the design concepts behind their apps – they want their apps be kids’ toys, not games. The difference is playing toys doesn’t follow […]

Introducing a new game for younger children and children with special needs. Turtle Invaders features a unique approach to improve motor skills by adjusting to the skill level of the child. In Turtle Invaders, the turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back! A FREE […]

Drawing with Carl

Drawing with Carl is a fun drawing app for kids. With so many drawing apps out there on app store, this one still stands out as a good one worth checking out. I like the simple interface, many drawing tool options, especially the mirror drawing and pattern drawing. The first surprise for me of the […]

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It is time for Mom’s Library! Fall is here. I love this season. There are so much going on during the fall season, and there are so many kids can learn and have fun. Today we share 10 fun ideas for kids to learn alphabet, all activities are fall themed, and are all hands-on activities. […]

Tiny Countries

Geography is hard for many kids, as it takes a lot memorizing work, which is boring. We have Top 10 Geography Apps for Kids to help them learn. Today we have another fun game app that will motivate kids to learn and memorize those geography facts. It is called Tiny Countries. Dr. Emil and his […]

“Cricket Kids: School Day,” part of Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7, is the application that makes your child want to go to school! Available for both iOS and Android. For more information, go to the app’s website. Posted By: Slim Cricket Note: App news submitted by app developers are not […]