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App Went Free: Fun Math Games for Kindergarten to 3rd Grade post image

Kids Awesome 1st Grade Math Premium is a fun math game app designed for first graders. It covers the content from counting and number order to different operations, to telling time and geometry. Although it is designed for first graders, many kids from kindergarten to 2nd and even 3rd grade can benefit from the games. It is usually $10, and today it is free. If you have a game-loving kid, definitely grab it when it is free. The app doesn't… Read More

Fun Physics Science Games for Young Children – Thinkrolls post image

I loved the app Thinkroll. It is a fun physics science game with tons of build-in science concepts. Kids learn science, critical thinking and problem solving while playing the games. Now the sequel Thinkroll 2 is just launched, with similar game set up, but more science concepts, and more challenges and more fun. There are two sets of the games, one set for age 3 to 5, another set for age 5 to 9. Each set has about 120 games… Read More

9 Amazing Flower Science Projects for Kids post image

Time for Mom's Library! We shared ideas of seed science experiments for kids and plant science a while ago. Today we will share flower science experiments you can do in your backyard or in your kitchen with kids. They are great gardening projects for the summer, also great activities for Mother's day. With the wonderful display effect of most experiments, they are also great school science fair project ideas. Dissect flower parts and make a flower parts card. I like… Read More

Peg + Cat The Tree Problem app

Today's app is a fun problem solving app and kids have to learn and use math skills to solve the problems. It is brought to you by PBS kids and is based off the new popular show: Peg + Cat. Peg + Cat is a show produced by the Fred Roger's company and is targeted at teaching simple mathematics skills to preschool and early school age children (ages 3 to 6). The show is great at teaching children problem solving skills… Read More

11 Money Games for Kids Teaching Money Skills post image

Learning about money and money management is essential for a happy life. It starts from learning to count the money to manage the money you have, such as saving and investment. There are a lot to learn about money to live a comfortable life, and it all starts at a young age. Today we share some good money games for kids that will help them learn about money at different stage of their life. Counting Money Bingo is designed for… Read More

App Went Free: Critical Thinking Games for Kids post image

Winky Think Logic Puzzles has a series of fun logical and critical thinking games for kids. It starts with fun shape and color matching, but gradually goes into complex puzzle games full of obstacles that require reasoning, observation and spatial cognition skills to solve. It is a fun game for the whole family. It is currently free for limited time. The games are roughly grouped into 3 skill levels, with over 180 puzzles in total. The first level is very… Read More

18 Movies for Building Resilience in Children post image

What is resilience? Resilience is the capacity to withstand and to recover quickly from stress and difficulties. We want our children be resilient, because life is not a smooth ride forever, there are always bumps and accidences on the road. We cannot make these disappear from anyone's life, so it is essential to be prepared for them. There are many ways of building resilience in children, today I share some good movies for kids that instill resilience in children. If… Read More

10 Plant Science Experiments for Kids post image

Welcome to Mom's Library! We shared ideas of seed science experiments for kids a while ago. Today we will share plant science experiments you can do in your backyard or in your kitchen with kids. What do plants need to grow? Why not set up a science experiment to answer the question. Can a plant survive on orange juice rather than water? Choose two plants of the same kind; two containers, one filled with water, the other with orange juice… Read More

Keep your kids happy for hours, making and playing with 11 fabric crafts & 6 mini games. In this app, there are 11 templates guide children using fabric scraps to make adorable animals, and 6 mini games with endless fun. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Labo Lado Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like to receive future articles… Read More

Mickey’s Magical Arts World by Disney Imagicademy app series

Disney launched ImagiCademy recently as a series of educational apps for kids age 5 and younger. Currently there are only two apps in the series: Art and Math. I only get chance to look at the art app. It has several creativity components in it. If you are looking for art apps for your toddler or preschooler and your child likes Disney characters, this would be good app to have. There are 5 units in the app. Each unit has… Read More

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