Note: iGameMom is in the process of moving to a new host. There will be no new posts for two days. The website will stay live through out the process, and we will re-start daily posting in two days. Thanks! Homophone MATCH is a fun educational iPad app for school age children. This app has […]

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Are you on Facebook? How about Twitter? How many email accounts do you have? Personally I don’t use as much social network, at least I believed so. But when I started pulling all my accounts together, I realized that I am in fact have quite a few accounts on several different platforms. It is hard […]

Proxies is a new approach to pet simulator games. How well you take care of your Proxie will determine how the pet ages and evolves. Keeping your pet safe from different weather conditions, based on the current season in real life, prepare it hearty meals and play with it as you experience full customization of […]

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Is learning sight words hard for your kids? For kids they could be consistent repetition of the boring words. However, sight words are the words you have to memorize them, there is not much other ways to learn them. They are also most seen words in early readers. How can we make the sight word […]

Grant your child a strong maths foundation! KidsCalculate helps children to develop a mental image that let them understand preferred methods for solving mental calculations. For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Marius Versteegen Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the […]

phonics app for kids

This is part of our Best Learning Tools on iPad series . Today we have Best Phonics Learning Tools for Kids. Phonics is the foundation for reading, we have seen many phonics apps and practice ideas on the internet, and here are our top picks. For more best learning tools on iPad, please visit: Free Essential […]

The little Australian Bilby Boj, makes his US debut on kids channel Sprout this weekend! To celebrate Boj’s success Box of Frogs Media has released Boj-a-Bundle where you can buy all three official Boj book apps – The Collector, Musical Mayhem and Hoppy Birthday – for a discounted rate of $8.99! Go to the appstore […]

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Recently I found a wonderful website that offers free digital picture books for kids: Unite for Literacy. It is a website, so you can access on your computer. It also works well on iPad and iPhone. All books have professional narrations, plus there are more than 20 languages to choose from. When you get on […]

Antonym MATCH is a fun educational app for school age children. This app has 3 levels of difficulty and can be played by up to 4 people on a device. Antonym MATCH is easy to play and challenging while it increases skills in reading, spelling, vocabulary and memory. This app is currently free and is […]

Thinkrolls physics puzzle app for kids

I always liked Avokiddo apps. Recently they just launched a new app Thinkrolls, which is a fun physics puzzle game designed for young children, from preschool age and up. I loved the app for its fun game setting and all the science elements built into the play. Thinkrolls are 18 cute characters in this educational […]

HelpsGood, a digital agency focused on social good, announces that it released a new original Smokey Bear storybook app, Smokey Bear and the Campfire Kids, the first ever digital book featuring Smokey Bear. Smokey Bear and the Campfire Kids is the first in a planned four-book series featuring his enduring message “Only You Can Prevent […]

Millk Hunt Kids Math Game App

Do you have children who like playing games? They will love this app Milk Hunt Kids Math Game. It is a fast paced game app where kids have to solve math problems to move up the levels. The math included in the app are common core aligned. Given the fast pace, all math have to […]

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It is time for Mom’s Library. Today we share 10 skeleton crafts for kids. They are great Halloween activities, and great learning activities about human body. The activities are in general listed by kids age. The crafts at the top of the list are for preschool or kindergarten kids, and the crafts at the bottom […]

My Monster Mayhem book app for kids

My Monster Mayhem is an interactive book app for young children. It is listed among our 25 Monster Apps for Kids as a monster themed book app. It is a fun read, even if it is not during Halloween season. It is free for limited time, so definitely grab it before the price goes up. […]

Compound Word MATCH is a fun educational iPad app for school age children. This app has 3 levels of difficulty and can be played by up to 4 players on a device. Compound Word MATCH is easy to play and challenging while it increases skills in reading, vocabulary, spelling and memory! This app is currently […]

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Nick Jr has a brand new app Dora and Friends that combines kid-friendly fun with imaginative language building skills parents will love. In the app Dora the Explorer received a bit of a makeover. Dora is now ten and is exploring the city with her friends and a brand new ‘map app’. Kids can create […]