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Mental Math for Addition and Subtraction post image

I have seen many math drill apps in different formats, some are simple drills, some are in a game format. It is helpful for kids to get very efficient with these math operations, so when they solve more complex math problems they don't have to spend time and energy on these fundamental operations, and can focus on solving the more complex problems. Today I have another app not only drill kids on these math operations, but also teach kids tips… Read More

Mack Loves Colors is designed to help preschoolers identify colors and color relationships. The interactive storybook features original characters and is voiced and captioned. Children learn colors and world knowledge as they join Mack on an adventure. Color quiz and mixer features allow children to apply skills and explore color combinations. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Mack Loves Colors Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify… Read More

Fun Activities for Kids to Learn Stars and Constellations post image

Evening sky is always fascinating, especially for kids. When you look up into the sky and watch the stars and moon, you would wonder how many stars are there, and how do they move, why the moon looks differently everyday. There are many ways to learn about stars and constellations with kids, today we share some fun activities for kids to learn stars and constellations. The easiest thing to do with kids is to just go out at night to… Read More

Alphabet - All in One is a first of its kind app that not only helps the kids teach the alphabet but makes it fun and entertaining during the learning process. It’s a first 3D animated, edutainment app that teaches the letters of an Alphabet, along with their corresponding sounds and words. For more information, go to app on app store. Posted By: Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links… Read More

Fun Summer Activity App for Preschool Girls post image

Sweet Baby Girl is a series of apps designed for preschool to kindergarten girls. Recently the series launched a new app Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun. The app has fun summer themed activities that girls like. Through playing these games, girls will have fun and learn some basic life skills. The app is free to download, with some activities free, and additional activities available via In-App Purchase. The activities in the app include: Hot Dogs This is one of the… Read More

An amazing tower defense game. Excellent combination of the ancient Greece era, steam powered engines and mechanized robots will keep you interested. For more information, go to app on app store. Posted By: First Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. Like to receive future articles for FREE? Sign Up Below!  … Read More

Art Project by Google post image

Google Art Project is part of Google Cultural Institute. It is an online world art museum created by Google. It has high resolution images of artworks from more than 150 museums around the world, and many museums also have 3D virtual art gallery tours. It is a wonderful free online tool for art lovers to see the master pieces around the world, while sitting at your desk. The first time I got on the site, I was excited and overwhelmed… Read More

Adventure Movies and TV Shows for Kids on Netflix post image

What comes to your mind when I say adventure? Travel to a foreign country? or Space? or a dangerous place? If you look up the word Adventure, the first definition on dictionary.com is "an exciting or very unusual experience". So for kids it could be anything, a trip to a new grocery store, or a park, a vacation to a city they've never been; or doing something they've never done before... Anything that involves exploring an uncharted territory is an… Read More

7 Fun Science Activities for Kids About Leaves post image

We had so much fun doing natural science activities with kids. So today I am going to continue to collect more natural science activity ideas. Today I'm putting together a list of science activities for kids about leaves. Observe Leaves: If you walk in the park, you will see many different leaves. Take a magnifying class, collect some leaves, and observe these leaves with kids. Observing and investigating is the fundamental science research skill and it is never too early… Read More

Preschool Parent Guide on Educational Activities Books and Toys post image

Early learning plays a big role in children's development. Even you send your child to preschool, parents interaction with kids still is very important. What can you do with your preschoolers, so they will love learning? Where do you go to find the right toys and books that will fit your children's development stage? Today's free app Preschool Parent Guide is a perfect tool for you. Preschool Parent Guide is a free app. It has guided activities and recommended toys… Read More

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