myHomework Student Planner

Most kids have started school. Pretty soon they will start having homeworks, class projects, reading assignments, … all the fun stuff. How do you help kids stay organized and keep track of all homeworks and projects? myHomework is a very good tool for kids to organize all these school works. It is available online, so […]

Yellow Bear Studios introduced Wordlings Adventure 1.0 for iOS, an innovative word-puzzle game for kids. Wordlings are magical word-spelling seekers, and in this enchanting game pictures are teachers. Using touch controls to explore each scene, kids discover the hidden clues to help them solve the word and progress through each level! For more information, go […]

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise App

Do you like Curious George? We do, and who doesn’t? Today we share a reading app featuring Curious George. It is a new book from the iReadWith series. We have reviewed books in the series before, and loved all the features that helping kids learn, especially those that get kids to talk and make reading a […]

sphero app

I was very excited when I received the Sphero ball. I have seen it on the web and was very curious how it works. Moving a ball around using a mobile device looks so fun. After I did some research about the product, saw how it can help kids learn coding and computer programming, I […]

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Time for Mom’s Library! Have your kids started new school year? We just started today. Starting school means kids have less time staying home. However this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun at home with them. Today we share simple science activities you can do with kids, and most take little preparing time, and almost […]

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With kids starting school, many of us are busy getting kids ready for the new school year: school supplies, academic readiness, … One very important aspect of school life is the peer interactions. This involves social and emotional skills. We have shared our top picks of 10 apps helping kids develop social and emotional skills […]

The app “Baby Laugh Bag” is all about the happy world of the laugh bag that kids can watch through 51 different laughing scenes. The laugh bag catches everyone with his infectious laughter – young and old! He and his cute friends do a lot of hilarious things. 1 set with 5 videos is for […]

123 Dig App

Do you have a child learning numbers and counting? Does the child like digging? Today we have a fun digging app teaching kids numbers and counting – 123 Dig. Kids will help the Mole Manny to dig out numbers and learn recognizing numbers and counting to 10. When kids open the app, they will see […]

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We have reviewed several apps teaching kids coding, like Hopscotch and Codecademy. Today we have another free app for kids to learn computer programming – Kodable.  Kodable starts from the very simple concepts and is great for kids as young as preschool to gain the fundamental concepts of coding. When kids start the app, they […]

‘Dot Tap!’ is a never before seen memory game for the iPhone. In this challenging game you’ll need two main skills: Memorizing and Concentration. It is FREE! Hope you enjoy the play. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. […]

Brain Booster Exercises

Brain Booster Exercises is a fun brain training app that is not only good for kids, but also good for grown ups. It is free with options to add more levels via in-app purchase. There are a lot content come with the free download. We actually have not even bothered to add more levels. There […]

Quick Fractions is here to help students master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics. With four game modes for practicing adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing of fractions; as well as comparing and creating equivalence with fractions, decimals and percentages! Available free Friday 15th August, 2014. For more information, go to the app […]

Kindergarten Bingo App

Kindergarten BINGO is a fun learning game app for preschool to Kindergarten kids. Kids play BINGO games and learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes. It is currently free for limited time. But as you know, at iGameMom, we don’t review apps simply because they are on sale, we review apps because they are good and […]

Designed to help you practice memory skills and concentration, Duck Duck Card is a fun and engaging game with a kid-friendly theme. Cards disappear when you find their match. Match them all and you win the level. Animals start hatching from eggs as you play. If one of them gets to your cards, you lose […]

Astropolo App

Astropolo is a relatively new app on the App Store, but they’ve been staying on the top chart for quite a long time. It is from one of my favorite developer Les Trois Elles, who developed Easy Studio. Astropolo is a collection of mini games that incorporates visual, auditory and fine motor skills in the […]

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Welcome to Mom’s Library. Many families are getting ready for the new school year, today we share some free printables for early learnings to help kids be better prepared for school. All today’s printables are free, covering areas from alphabet, hand writing practice, to counting, Sudoku, to science investigation guide, ocean animal flash cards. Happy learning! 9 […]