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The farm animals are stuck in bubbles. Tap the screen to pop the bubbles before the animals escape from the barn! Your score and the speed of the animals will increase as you return the animals to their pens. Every time an animal escapes or is dropped into the wrong pen, you lose a life. In trouble? Swap the pen locations and use the freeze button! For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Alli Predmore… Read More

Huawei smart phone

How often do you charge your phone? I have been charging my phone almost every night. Isn't it nice if we have a phone that we don't have to charge that often? Recently, I got a chance to participate in the program for Huawei's new smartphone Ascent Mate 2 via TapInfluence. The best thing I like so far – the 60 hours battery life. This is 2 and half days that you don't have to charge the phone. If you… Read More

An interactive collection of historical science experiments for secondary school students and science lovers of all ages. The free version is available now on App Store, with two experiments free. The full version has 6 experiments, and more to come in 2015. For more information, go to app on App Store. Posted By: Guillem Rojas Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before publishing the news. //… Read More

Quick Clocks Telling Time App

Telling time is a math skill, as well as an essential life skill for kids. Today we share Best Learning Tools for Kids to Practice Telling Time. Some are designed for younger kids, that start with telling numbers 1 to 12, some are designed for school age kids to practice different ways of telling time. Since most kids start to learn telling time around kindergarten age, most of the learning tools below are for kids grade K to 3. We will mark those that are… Read More


Kiddy Story is a great adventure that develops child's language skills. This adorable and playful app gives children the opportunity to express themselves through creating and telling their stories. There are endless possibilities for creating new stories and thus endless possibilities to have great fun. Perfect to play anytime and anywhere. For more information, go to the app website. Posted By: Kiddystarter Note: App news submitted by app developers are not reviewed by iGameMom. We only verify the links before… Read More

Things for iPad App

Things for iPad and Things (for iPhone iPod) are great productivity apps that help you manage the tasks, or things you have to do. They are chosen as apps of the week on App Store, and are free now, from the respective price of $20 and $10. I just downloaded the apps on both my iPhone and iPad and really like what I see so far. If you are looking for a task management app, don’t miss this opportunity. What… Read More


[Features and functions] ○ Special interface to draw one or more strokes. ○ Optimised algorithm that enables the drawing of complex figures. ○ Characters are drawn in the 3D space, and as such they retain their depth. ○ 3D Painting can be downloaded for free. (Most of the functions can be used for free but In-App purchases are included) For more information, go to the app on App Store./ Posted By: Taiho Ueda Note: App news submitted by app developers… Read More

8 Digital Resource Ideas for Building Literacy Skills post image

I'm always on the hunt for the best literacy ideas to use with my own children and those that I work with on my blog, Growing Book by Book. I've come across some wonderful digital resources for building literacy skills. Here are some of my favorite apps, eBooks and websites to help young children grow as readers and writers. Apps Short Vowel Word Study and Spelling is a wonderful app for children who are learning to spell. I love that… Read More


Walrus are, by nature, grumpy balls of flab. Or are they? Maybe they're just really annoyed at all the nasty bugs biting their big blubbery backs! Help Squishy, a small bouncy pink squid, squash all the bugs, cheer up the Walrus and collect all the Golden Jellies in this fun and challenging platform adventure! ..Oh and there's totally a rad Narwhal! For more information, go to the app on App Store. Posted By: Jared Atkins Note: App news submitted by… Read More

Underwater ABC App

Underwater ABC is a fun ABC app teaching kids alphabet and ocean animals at the same time. It couldn't have come into my life at a better time. Correctly writing his letters can be a struggle for my kindergartener.  Writing letters isn't the issue, it is the correctly part that trips him up.  This app teaches printing in a methodical yet fun and engaging way, all the while learning the names of some ocean animals. Each letter is taught in upper case and lowercase. For each letter, before… Read More

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