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Crazy Fast Salt Crystal Christmas Ornaments – No Borax Needed post image

Holiday season is the busy time of the year. It is hard to find time to study or do science activities with kids. But learning doesn’t have to happen in isolation. We can definitely incorporate science learning into fun holiday activities, like this salt crystal ornament, a fun science activity with salt and water, for kids to learn about solubility and saturation. I am super excited because I found a way to grow the crystal very fast, in just couple… Read More

STEM Building Toys for Kids Engineers Age 2 to 18 post image

Building toys create a wonderful platform for creative play. They expand their imagination, promote motor skills, … all through play! You will also find, that a lot of these toys revolve around STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) or STEAM (with Art added to STEM). For your expressive and exploratory young engineers, check these amazing toys out! To help you find the best building toys for the kids on your gift list, I created a building toys gift guide. All of… Read More

Best Coding Toys Teaching Kids Computer Programming post image

Have your kids started learning computer programming? Computer coding or programming is basically the language we use to talk to computers. Since computers will be an essential part of the future world our kids going to be in, it is important for today’s children to have fundamental knowledge of how to communicate with computers. For some very basic concepts, they can learn coding through cool activities without using a computer. After they learned fundamental concepts, it is best to get… Read More

STEM Challenge: Minute to Win it Games for Kids post image

Holiday season is party time. How to engage kids in learning while have fun at classroom party or family party? These STEM Minute-to-Win-It Games are just the activities you are looking for. They are easy with little preparation needed. You can adapt rules and difficulty levels for different age groups. Fun STEM Minute To Win It Games for Kids Scuba Diver: create a scuba diver with bending straws, and see who can keep the diver at the bottom of the… Read More

YouTube Science Videos Teaching Human Body to Kids post image

We love YouTube science videos. They make it easier to understand the hard science concepts. Not all science videos are great, so I listed out the good one I came across, like these YouTube Science Channels for Kids. In this post, I list some great science videos about human body anatomy and physiology. I separate them by target age groups. Human Body Science Video for Kids Age 5 to 10 Human Body Anatomy: with the help of a set of… Read More

15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science Videos for Kids post image

YouTube has become a good source of educational materials. If you like watching science videos, you will love these YouTube channels of amazing science videos for kids. We shared 6 YouTube Channels for Hands-on Science Experiments You Can Do at Home. Today we share YouTube channels of fun science facts, explanations, and news. 15 YouTube Science Video Channels Explaining Science for Kids Bill Nye: although the channel has not been updated for couple years, the content already there is enough for… Read More

Hands On Math Toys to Help Kids Love Math post image

Math is a tough subject for many kids. When I talk to other parents, I often sense a “fear of math”. However, we use math every day, and math is in fact a fun subject if you decide to treat it differently. How to make math fun? How to help kids love math? One thing is to find fun activities that involve math, like these kitchen math activities, outdoor math activities, even travel math activities. Today we introduce Hands-On Math… Read More

More Than 70 Autumn Science Activities for Kids to Do This Fall post image

I love the fall season. Don’t you? After the hot summer, kids can go out play without the steamy humidity. With the new school year beginning again, everything starts going into a routine. Plus the rich color of changing leaves, ripen fruits, and the autumn breeze, … There are a lot fun things you can do with kids in the fall. Over the time, we have collected many science activity ideas for kids, and a lot are great for this… Read More

Kitchen Science: Egg experiment showing mirror illusion magic trick post image

Have you tried the silver egg magic illusion? It makes an ordinary egg like a shiny silver egg. Magic? No, it is a science illusion trick, an easy egg science experiment you can do right in your kitchen. It looks magic and it is quite easy to do. Here is how to do it, plus the science explanation of the illusion magic. Kitchen Science Experiment of Silver Egg Magic Illusion This is an easy experiment with magnificent view, so it… Read More

LEGO Movie Math Game with Coordinate Plane Worksheets post image

Ordered pairs and coordinate plane is an important foundation for so many higher level math studies. It lays groundwork for many topics in geometry and algebra, such as Pythagorean theorem, distance between two points, slopes of linear functions. It also helps kids understand the coding game we designed. It is a math area that seems easy, but takes practice to be good at. This LEGO movie coordinate plane game gives kids a hands-on opportunity to practice the ordered pairs on… Read More

60 Halloween Science Experiments for Kids post image

Kids love Halloween for various reasons. I love Halloween because there are so many themes you can use for awesome science experiments kids will love. Today we share some fun Halloween Science Experiments, some are cute, some are spooky, and all are fascinating. Fantastic Halloween Science Experiments for Kids There are always candies around at Halloween. There are so much you can do with candies beside eating them. Try these fun 15 Candies STEM Activities. You can find some for… Read More

Math Homework Answers On The Go post image

Have your kids ever got stuck on a math problem, not sure how to solve it? Have you ever run into the situation that kids needed help on math homework, yet you can’t help? This free PhotoMath app can help you. It is an app that can provide math homework answers and show you the solutions. All you need do is to take a picture of the problem. It is almost magic when I first heard about it. You do… Read More

Easy Science and Math Activities with Candies post image

Who doesn’t like candies? There are so many holidays and celebration occasions are centered around candies, Easter, Halloween, Valentine, Birthday, … Why not use different sweets for some fun STEM activities before eating them? These candy science experiments, math activities, engineering building projects, … are so fun and delicious, kids will want to do them again and again. They are also very easy, no preparation needed. Must Try Candy STEM Activities for Kids – Hands On Math Science Tech and… Read More

Free LEGO Movie Super Hero Math – hands on Activities for Area and Perimeter post image

Almost all the kids I know loved the LEGO Movies. When the 2nd one LEGO Batman Movie released, I found this free LEGO Movie STEM Challenge from Scholastic. I loved the activity ideas, so I designed several extension activities to add to it. Today I share this one to go with the Lesson 1 in Scholastic’s activities, Super Hero Math. It help kids learn geometry concepts like area and perimeter, practice measurements of length, calculate rectangle area, use 2-digit addition… Read More

10 Apps to Make Your Own Movies Videos post image

Do your kids like to use your phone or tablet like iPad to take pictures and videos? Kids love make movies! Why not just let them do it. They can learn stop motion animation, storytelling, art and music, … and have fun. Today we share some apps that allow kids to create movies or presentations with videos. As most of them are so easy to use, young children like preschool kids should be able to use many of them. Movie… Read More