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60 Halloween Science Experiments for Kids

60 Halloween Science Experiments for Kids post image

Halloween is the perfect time for science experiments. There are so many themes you can use for awesome science experiments kids will love: spider, pumpkin, body parts (eyeballs, brain), and candy. Today we share some fun Halloween Science Experiments, some are cute, some are spooky, and all are fascinating.

Fantastic Halloween Science Experiments for Kids

Halloween science experiments for kids: Pumpkin, Candy, skeleton, human body, ghost, spider. Spooky Fall STEM activities entertain the whole family.

Halloween Science Activities with Candy and Food

There are always candies around at Halloween. There is so much you can do with candies besides eating them. Try these fun 15 Candies STEM Activities. You can find some for all ages.
We always carve pumpkins the night before Halloween. There are always more pumpkins than we needed. If you are like us, try these fabulous 9 Pumpkin Science Experiments

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Halloween Science Activities to Learn about Human Body 

Skeleton is a common Halloween decoration. This is the perfect season to introduce human body anatomy to young children. You can start with these 10 Skeleton Science Crafts with kids.

Looking for more science experiment activities with body parts? Try this Halloween Hand Experiment or this Fizzy Eye Ball activity, or this brain surgeon activity.

Not exactly human-body related, but do your kids like ghosts? They will love these 10 Ghost Science Activities

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Halloween Science Activities about Animals

How about bats? Kids will know so much about bats after these 7 bat science activities.

Are your kids into spiders? This Incy Wincy Spider Experiment tests the hypothesis of which material is the best at keeping the spiders at the top of the pipe.

To learn about spiders, we also need to study Spider Web. For younger children, this activity shows them how spiders know where their food is on the web through string vibration.

I love this simple science demo with spider and water beads. Just fill a glass jar with water beads and hide a plastic spider in the middle so that you can’t see the spider from outside the jar. Fill the jar with water, and watch the spider appears slowly as the water goes up. It is magic.

Do you have a favorite Halloween science theme? Let us know!

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How about making monsters? We have 20 Ways to Make Monsters

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Halloween science experiment activities for kids that fascinate the whole family, Pumpkin, Candy, skeleton, human body, ghost, spider. Fall STEM ideas
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